Testing Drives Agility and Savings

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Testing Drives Agility and Savings at a Private Mortgage Insurance Company Prolifics implemented a Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) using automation to execute hundreds of parallel projects. The new TCoE provides continuous support with an advanced Test Automation solution that is executed bi-weekly before migrating any changes into production. This solution achieves 97% Defect Removal Effectiveness and over $1 Million … Read More

Strategic Roadmap Drives Efficiency for Mortgage Lender

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Client Background Founded in 2002, the client (hereafter referred to as the Company) is one of the fastest-growing mortgage lending and financial services firms in the country. This leading privately held mortgage lending firm provides loan services across one hundred retail branches in 40 states. Business Challenge The Company is driven by one core commitment: provide customers with unparalleled quality … Read More

Mortgage Banking Technology Solutions

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Download PDF Prolifics’ technology specialists can implement solutions across all mortgage banking platforms that enable your organization to meet your objectives while reducing cost and improving efficiency.

Loan Origination Solutions

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Download PDF To effectively manage the increasing complexity of the mortgage banking environment and address evolving regulations, your end‐to‐end origination system needs to be fully flexible, scalable and integrated.

Enterprise Data Provisioning Hub

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In the Mortgage Banking Industry, data provisioning is a complex process that represents an operational vulnerability. Data is provided by disparate sources with distinctive agendas, resulting in non-standard formatting and definitions as it travels through and is at rest within the environment. How can information be accurate if everyone is essentially speaking a different language within a shared dataflow? Using Open Source … Read More