BOTs Help Mortgage Lender Keep Customers and Employees Happy

Pam Roman

A Midwest credit union (MWCU) providing a full line of financial service offerings to its members. Prolifics has worked with MWCU since 2014. Our Client Challenge The pandemic and subsequent shut down in March 2020 sent mortgage rates tumbling. This gave homeowners with mortgages the opportunity to refinance at a lower rate. Financial services companies, including MWCU, were inundated with … Read More

IntelliDocs -Simplifying the Healthcare Prior Authorization Process

Pam Roman

IntelliDocs for Healthcare recently won the grand prize at the prestigious IBM Build a Bot Challenge for best RPA solution. IntelliDocs is a digital worker solution that automates the healthcare prior authorization process. Watch the video below for more of the IntelliDocs story and a demo of the bot in action. Read about our other Build a Bot achievements here.

Hope – A Mental Health Assessment Tool

Chas Jordan

“Hope,” recently won the third-place prize in the prestigious IBM Build a Bot Challenge. Hope is an AI powered, automated mental health assessment tool. To read more about Hope, click here. This video provides an overview of how Hope works. Want to learn more? For more information about Hope or any of our AI-powered solutions, please complete the form below. … Read More

PROLIFICS NEWS – Prolifics Takes First Place in Build a Bot Challenge


ORLANDO, FLA., Feb. 17, 2022 – Prolifics, a global digital transformation leader, is pleased to announce that the Prolifics’ robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent document processing (IDP) solution “IntelliDocs for Healthcare” won the grand prize at the prestigious IBM Build a Bot Challenge for best RPA solution. This IBM Build a Bot event, held between Dec. 15 and Jan. … Read More

Geek Out on Digital Workers

Pam Roman

As businesses look to technology to help optimize costs, increase employee morale and create more satisfied customers, digital workers are becoming more commonplace. Still, there are lots of myths around these office assistant bots – how they work, what’s there prolonged impact, how easy are they to integrate into the current environment? Digital workers like Leia, our onboarding assistant and … Read More

Learn more about RPA and Hyperautomation

Prolifics Insights

The AI Journal recently published “What is Robotic Process Automation and Hyperautomation?” by Prolifics UK Marketing Coordinator Vikesh Kaushal. As the title indicates, he covers RPA, intelligent automation – and more. Read the full article here.

Create Quick Wins with Process Mining and RPA

Prolifics Insights

Together, Process Mining and RPA Can Create Quick Wins Sometimes two seemingly unrelated technologies dovetail so perfectly that they offer a slam dunk benefit. In this case these two technologies provide cost savings, greater efficiencies, and a better utilized workforce. Read on to see how Process Mining with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will give you a quick win return on … Read More

What Is Robotic Process Automation ?

Prolifics Insights

Businesses are always looking for better ways to cut costs and drive innovation. Robotic process automation (RPA) is a type of business process automation that allows enterprises to streamline everyday tasks, enabling employees to focus on more complex, creative, and valuable work. When implemented properly, RPA can greatly improve operational efficiency and give businesses a powerful competitive advantage. What Is … Read More

What Robot Do You Need?

Pam Roman

There are lots of robots out there – from the Class M3 Model B9 in “Lost in Space” to the funny-talking Terminator to Michael Jackson’s robot moves in “Dancing Machine.” But, the real robot – or just plain “bot” – you’re probably looking for is something to help your business run smoother and your employees to do more productive work. … Read More