Automation Drives More Testing Value for Financial Firm 

Pam Roman

This large, UK financial services group (FSG), with more than 25 million customers and 65,000 employees, focuses on retail and commercial banking and financial services.   Our Client Challenge   FSG employs Workday as their employee relationship and management system. Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, used by more than 10,000 organizations around the … Read More

Testing Accelerator Dramatically Improves Modernization Efforts 

Pam Roman

Our client is a leader in workforce payment products and services (WPP). Their customers include businesses, commercial fleets, oil companies, petroleum marketers and governments.   Our Client Challenge    Our client was undertaking a major digital modernization program of more than a dozen large, enterprise critical projects. They expected to implement agile team functionality to develop this digital platform. However, although they … Read More

Medical Distributor Cuts Automation Time 30% with Low-Code Testing Tool

Vikesh Kaushal

Our Client:  Our client is an American company that provides a multitude of healthcare resources, including pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, health information technology, and care management tools. We have been providing testing services to them for 20 years.   Challenges:  Our client has more than 400 interfaces and over 40,000 custom database tables within SAP, a massive enterprise software platform on which … Read More

Automated Testing Drives Quick and Complete Cognos Upgrade

Pam Roman

Our client is a large, diverse North American company (DNAC) with operations ranging from construction, equipment and shipbuilding to hydro-energy, forestry and logistics.  About our Client Challenge An older tech needs an upgrade – fast DNAC had been running Cognos – IBM’s premier business analytics solution – throughout its entire enterprise. It was an integral and ingrained part of its business, generating thousands of analytic reports that kept the huge business on course and running smoothly.   DNAC’s version of … Read More

Innovation in Retail: A Test Automation Story

Pam Roman

Click on the visual to view in full screen. Download and read the full story, from initial challenges to results. For those of you more technology minded, this version also contains an in-depth description of the technology included.

Test Automation with Artificial Intelligence – The Right Recipe for Today’s Business Environment

Pam Roman

Testing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Today’s business environment puts a premium on the ability to react, change and rebound quickly. We’re looking to do everything faster – including testing – and once speed is part of the equation, there’s no going back. What you want in testing… You’re updating or replacing your legacy systems – usually in tight time frames … Read More