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Go from ideas to production
with quality, speed and security.


Prolifics knows a true, agile digital business requires a successful hybrid strategy combining data, application, and API integration techniques. Integration is a key determinant of which businesses will lead with faster project delivery, lower operational costs, and new revenue streams.

Your Integration &
Application Strategy Will


Get the right data to the right people at the right time – all in an a readily accessible, integrated manner


Understand your customers better and provide a personalized, tailored customer experience


Access a consolidated, real-time view of data that’s integrated across devices, platforms, applications and systems


Realize a faster time to market through design extensibility and reusability


Leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI), whether in each application or inoverall performance management

Successes and Insights

Agile Integration Modernization Helps Keep the Lights on for E&U
Health Insurance Company Expected to Save $1M with New EDI Solution

Collaboration, DevOps Approach Modernizes Systems Quickly

These are the Key Elements of Integration & Applications

Application programming
interfaces (APIs)


Allow you to expose your data and business capabilities as digital assets via agile architectures. You can drive innovation to meet your current business needs and create new business models.



Provide a complete data and/or event driven messaging backbone that enables rapid, reliable and secure transport of data between applications, systems and services



Adjust your data seamlessly and in a reusable manner across your IT environment – making it all fast, flexible and reliable; secure and scalable; and linked and repeatable

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