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Know Your Data Flow- A Modern Approach to Lineage

Do You Know Where Your Data is Going? 

Data is your most important asset – and your organization needs full visibility into the flow of data across your enterprise to get the most value from it.    

Modern data lineage tools and platforms exist that provide data quality, security, analytics and value. The right integration of lineage and platform ensures the best results.

Join the experts – Christopher Glover, Field CTO at BigID; Ernie Ostic, SVP of Product at MANTA; and Ron Zurawski, Data Governance Senior Architect at Prolifics – as they introduce a joint integration solution that brings out the best in both data lineage and the platform, giving you the best insight into, and use of, your data. 

  • Hear practical, business use cases for modern data lineage
  • Watch an end-to-end demonstration of the MANTA-BigID Integrator powered by Prolifics
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