We’re Here for Your Privacy Rights Legislation Compliance

We’ve all had that feeling, at one time or another, that “Big Brother” is watching us. We search for something online, then ads for it appear on our social media feeds. We purchase something off a website, and we start getting emails for all sorts of related products. Organizations collect our information – our data – for various reasons. But who really “owns” an individual’s data once it’s out there? What can individuals do when it comes to questions about personal data collection, and how can the Prolifics Innovation Center assist companies to best respond?

Modernized Court Case Management

Download PDF The Organization supports a US state’s court system. Its existing indigent claims and compensation process involved a three-part system with manual data entry to move information from one system to another. At times, tens of thousands of clams were on hold, and claim turnaround time averaged 45 days.Prolifics implemented a solution that creates a centralized case management system, … Read More