Building Data Lineage in Financial Services

Download PDF Data lineage compliance issues led a financial institution to turn to Prolifics for assistance.Our experts leveraged the Prolifics Metadata Bridge to gather metadata on data movement and location, fill lineage gaps, and enable reporting that has a complete understanding of how data moves through the enterprise.

Become a Data-Driven Business: Answers in Analytics – Versus Financial

Get to Know a Market Leader In over a decade of business, the Prolifics Information Management and Analytics practice has successfully delivered business value on hundreds of customer engagements.  We focus exclusively on turning data into valuable business information.  As a result, our customers are more competitive, efficient, and profitable. With the help of Prolifics Analytics solutions, Verus Financial is … Read More

Transforming an Insurer’s Data Management Strategy

Download PDF The Company, a multinational workplace health insurer, needed to shift to become a data-driven enterprise. It suffered from inefficient data management and high operating costs. Greater agility was required to respond to business pressures.Prolifics helped the Company digitally transform its data delivery infrastructure with MDM, modernizing it for today’s market. Its world-class data infrastructure and automated business processes … Read More