Modernized EDI Leads to Faster Healthcare Claims

Download PDF The Company, a major US health insurer, needed to bring outsourced HIPAA workflows back in-house to control costs and reduce processing times.Prolifics introduced a solution powered by our Healthcare Integration Kit. The highly scalable solution massively increases claims processing speed. It also gives the Company visibility and control across its HIPAA transactions, promotes compliance and reporting across its … Read More

Creating a Better Digital Insurance Experience

Download PDF As data-modeling experts, Prolifics was able to accelerate a major financial services provider through the process of building out an enterprise model and conceptual representation of its data stored throughout its systems.Prolifics’ digital transformation team drew on its industry data-modelling experience to construct high-quality data models and architecture that helped the company modernize its benefits services and unlock … Read More

Empowering Claims Processing with a New User Experience

Download PDF Prolifics assisted a health insurer in updating its aging green screen claims adjudication application, easing the process of finding and retaining personnel with the right technology skills.Because of the prohibitive expense of a complete application rewrite, the organization instead opted for a modernization with Rocket LegaSuite.The solution provides a simplified, automated, and value-added web interface that increases employee … Read More

Transforming an Insurer’s Data Management Strategy

Download PDF The Company, a multinational workplace health insurer, needed to shift to become a data-driven enterprise. It suffered from inefficient data management and high operating costs. Greater agility was required to respond to business pressures.Prolifics helped the Company digitally transform its data delivery infrastructure with MDM, modernizing it for today’s market. Its world-class data infrastructure and automated business processes … Read More