Protecting Sensitive Data with Multi-Factor Authentication

Download PDF Prolifics designed and implemented a multi-factor authentication solution for a major healthcare service provider.Because the Company’s business model revolves around leveraging sensitive health data, it is critical to protect these assets with measures going above and beyond the typical username-password pair. The solution secures data, makes the environment that is less complex and more predictable, and helps the … Read More

Introducing Prolifics’ Innovation Center

Prolifics’ Innovation Center is the next step in groundbreaking solutions when it comes to data, AI, the cloud, blockchain, and all the other technologies that are making the headlines. Chairman and Managing Director Satya Bolli discusses how the Innovation Center drives innovation across Prolifics and beyond. Transcript I’m an entrepreneur, but I’m very much a techie at heart. I’m curious. I … Read More

Rapid Richer Case Management

Adding a rapid, richer UI to IBM Case Manager Could you actually enjoy going to the DMV? Could you imagine getting in and out with your new license quickly and with a smile? Recently, one of our clients, a state government agency, teamed with the Prolifics Innovation Center to address a very specific pain point – they were looking for … Read More

Modernized EDI Leads to Faster Healthcare Claims

Download PDF The Company, a major US health insurer, needed to bring outsourced HIPAA workflows back in-house to control costs and reduce processing times.Prolifics introduced a solution powered by our Healthcare Integration Kit. The highly scalable solution massively increases claims processing speed. It also gives the Company visibility and control across its HIPAA transactions, promotes compliance and reporting across its … Read More

Modernizing Messaging for a Major Retailer

Download PDF Prolifics helped a globally recognized fashion brand update its IBM MQ implementation to ensure the system would stay supported. Our experts performed a business value assessment that showed how a shift to IBM MQ Appliance and MQ Advanced could provide technology, maintenance, and financial benefits. The MQ Appliance solution promotes high messaging availability across the enterprise and is … Read More

Creating a Better Digital Insurance Experience

Download PDF As data-modeling experts, Prolifics was able to accelerate a major financial services provider through the process of building out an enterprise model and conceptual representation of its data stored throughout its systems.Prolifics’ digital transformation team drew on its industry data-modelling experience to construct high-quality data models and architecture that helped the company modernize its benefits services and unlock … Read More

Enterprise Data Provisioning Hub

Download PDF In the Mortgage Banking Industry, data provisioning is a complex process that represents an operational vulnerability. Data is provided by disparate sources with distinctive agendas, resulting in non-standard formatting and definitions as it travels through and is at rest within the environment. How can information be accurate if everyone is essentially speaking a different language within a shared dataflow? Using … Read More

Loan Origination Solutions

Download PDF To effectively manage the increasing complexity of the mortgage banking environment and address evolving regulations, your end‐to‐end origination system needs to be fully flexible, scalable and integrated.

User Authentication Quick Start

Download PDF Defending your data and intellectual property is one of the most important parts of keeping your organization secure. Managing access to those resources while protecting them from threats of all types is a narrow line to walk.Prolifics’ User Authentication Quick Start helps businesses re-examine their user authentication strategies and develop a strategy for streamlined and secured access across … Read More