Empowering Claims Processing with a New User Experience

Download PDF Prolifics assisted a health insurer in updating its aging green screen claims adjudication application, easing the process of finding and retaining personnel with the right technology skills.Because of the prohibitive expense of a complete application rewrite, the organization instead opted for a modernization with Rocket LegaSuite.The solution provides a simplified, automated, and value-added web interface that increases employee … Read More

Employee Portal Enables Retail Excellence

Download PDF A multinational retail giant sought to improve efficiencies and reduce operating costs throughout its vast internal and external ecosystem.Prolifics suggested an enhanced portal system that would revolutionize the way the Company does business. The portal enables on-demand services, creates customized views, provides access to global content, opens the door to self-service capabilities, integrates enterprise resource planning software, and … Read More

Information Lifecycle Management

Download PDF Your information lifecycle—the movement of data throughout the organization in the course of day-to-day business—is critical to your enterprise’s success. However, rising data volumes and complexity, data security issues, increasing regulations, and other drivers mean that organizations must take charge of the information lifecycle with a transformative data management initiative.Prolifics introduces key data integration, governance, and quality technologies, … Read More

Mortage Banking Technology Solutions

Download PDF Prolifics’ technology specialists can implement solutions across all mortgage banking platforms that enable your organization to meet your objectives while reducing cost and improving efficiency.

Prolifics Quick FHIR Solution

Download PDF Prolifics’ Quick FHIR solution helps your organization jumpstart the sharing of electronic health record (EHR) data throughout your enterprise using FHIR APIs. Our experts guide you through a four-step journey to: Show you FHIR APIs in action to learn more about what FHIR can do. Help you understand how IBM Cloud Pak for Integration on OpenShift supports FHIR … Read More

Machine Learning for the BA360 Accelerator

Download PDF Prolifics’ cutting-edge BA360 accelerator now features a powerful new Machine Learning capability. This feature utilizes automation to create and maintain test cases, identify exception processing scenarios, test data situations and logic permutations, and much more. Machine Learning is designed to overcome the common challenges in the testing arena, making your testing faster and smarter than ever before.

Next Generation of Testing with Machine Learning

Download PDF Prolifics’ machine learning tool uses intelligent, automated data analytics to create better testing solutions.It conquers complex testing scenarios, helps ensure high levels of code coverage, and increases quality, helping further enhance Prolifics’ top-notch defect removal rate. Discover how the power of machine learning can be brought to bear on your testing challenge.

Affective Computing in Healthcare

Download PDF Prolifics helped a major health insurance provider explore emerging telehealth technologies.By building an integration middleware that connects affective computing solutions with the relevant input, Prolifics’ experts enable the company better understand the potential that affective computing holds for healthcare initiatives.

Retailer Improves Interaction with Customer Service Chatbot

Download PDF An American home décor company was being overtaken by larger online competitors, and needed a digital differentiator.Prolifics created an online retail advisor solution that adds new features and functionality to the Company’s web presence. The chatbot uses Cognitive technologies to assist the customer through the buying process, while also promoting opportunities to upsell and cross-sell related products. The … Read More

We’re Here for Your Privacy Rights Legislation Compliance

We’ve all had that feeling, at one time or another, that “Big Brother” is watching us. We search for something online, then ads for it appear on our social media feeds. We purchase something off a website, and we start getting emails for all sorts of related products. Organizations collect our information – our data – for various reasons. But who really “owns” an individual’s data once it’s out there? What can individuals do when it comes to questions about personal data collection, and how can the Prolifics Innovation Center assist companies to best respond?