Data Privacy

Good privacy is good business.


More governments around the globe are generating and strictly enforcing privacy regulations. Beyond just compliance, however, customers today expect you to be a good steward of their information. Prolifics approach to data privacy will protect your customers, your reputation and your revenue.



Increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty


Understand and measure your data risks


Accommodate future compliance and privacy regulations


Avoid fines, penalties and potential litigation


Protect against data breach and provide audit support

Data Privacy Insights

Data Privacy Laws - Now and Coming Soon
Pinpoint Your Sensitive Data Fast
ABS's Journey to Privacy Improves Outcomes

Meet Prolifics' Customer Success Lead, Data

In his more than 20-year career, Greg has worked on a wide range of solutions for data management; privacy; quality; standards; extract, transform, load (ETL); and related data disciplines. Greg’s passion is creating comprehensive strategies that increase the value of a company’s data, while enforcing the core fundamentals of quality, privacy and overall governance.

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