Process Mining

View your current processes from every angle, know exactly what's happening, and quickly identify what you need to do to get better business outcomes. 

The concept of process mining has been around for a number of years; it’s only recently become more popular as sophisticated digital technology solutions – like those from Prolifics – make it a better alternative.

How Does Process Mining Work?

Digital footprints

Your workforce, customers, vendors, and others generate data in the form of digital footprints any time they use your internal systems to perform work. 

Ubiquitous presence

These digital footprints are recorded in ERPs, CRMs, databases, log files, audit tables, Excel documents and other systems and applications.

Visual representation

Process mining follows this digital trail through a system to discover what’s happening and automatically creates a visualization of the process from the data. 


Process Mining can be applied at any point and level: a process, an operation, or end-to-end through an organization. 

What Can You Do with Process Mining?

Process Mining quickly identifies inefficiencies, where to improve and how to get to your desired business outcomes – based on real data. Process Mining isn’t limited to individual processes or back-office functions. When you apply it at the organizational level, you can:


Why Prolifics Process Mining?

Accelerated growth
and results

You’ll see a quicker outcome – on average about three weeks – while keeping costs in check.

Expertise across industries
and processes

Our extensive experience in banking and finance, healthcare, insurance, mortgage, public sector, retail and distribution allows us to bring our industry know-how to your specific process analysis.

The lens on
Artificial Intelligence

Our expertise in hyperautomation and artificial intelligence can help you solve issues that processing mining finds.

Full-range automation support

You’ll have “one-stop-shop” with our integrated offering of infrastructure, security and testing, along with our automation.

Data-driven improvement

Because it’s based on real data, a Prolifics’ process mining project can guarantee the improvement to the targeted process.

Prolifics’ Process Mining is built on top of data analytics. We currently use the following toolsets and deployment options:

  • My-Invenio
  • Celonis

However, our variety of partnerships ensures zero vendor/software lock-in. This enables us to recommend the best toolset based on your customer profile.

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