Prolifics UK Helps JD Sports Reach Global Expansion Goal

Pam Roman

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Established in 1981 with a single store in northwest England, JD Sports Fashion plc (JD) has risen to become a leading international retailer of fashionable sports and casual wear. JD combines global brands including Nike, adidas and The North Face with its own strong brand labels such as Pink Soda and Supply & Demand.  

Our client – JD Sports Fashion plc 


Global Expansion Managed by the Perfect, Singular Platform – That’s Our Vision

JD is a true omnichannel retailer, combining the best of physical and digital to give consumers a seamless shopping experience across all channels. JD’s core has been its UK and Republic of Ireland markets, but it’s growing rapidly through expansion and acquisitions in Europe, Asia Pacific, and the United States. Its highly successful business model has generated an astronomical revenue increase of 210 percent in just four years, to over £4.7 billion.  

With its growth, though, JD wanted to ensure the seamless, omnichannel customer experience. It wanted the ability to manage orders globally on a singular platform. This platform would need to communicate across a vast network of more than 2,400 stores, a variety of vendors and countless warehouses in Europe, Asia, and North America. 


On Time and On Budget – The Vision Becomes Reality

On time and on budget, Prolifics UK built and implemented an Order Management Platform that addressed all of JD’s requirements. For this specific client, the foundation of the platform was a series of IBM products: 

  • IBM Integration Bus (IIB) connected JD’s e-commerce systems for real-time and batch transactions, and provided centralised message control, flow, mapping, data transformation and routing.  
  • IBM Message Queue (MQ) provided the messaging backbone, underpinning all JD’s internal IT systems, applications, and other vendors.  
  • IBM DataPower boxes offered security, control, integration, and access optimization. 
  • IBM Application Performance Management brought control and monitoring to the processes.  

Prolifics UK is also providing full managed services to JD for the Order Management Platform.    


JD Sports and Prolifics – a Winning Team

Since the implementation, JD has successfully entered new markets in the United States, Asia, and Europe. The new Order Management Platform has facilitated this expansion by allowing JD to react quickly to new situations and provide its seamless, omnichannel customer experience.  

Our managed services ensure all the platform software remains up to date and that any issues can be fixed efficiently and cost effectively. In addition, JD’s own developers can focus on creating new, innovative customer experiences rather than spending time on software support. 

Prolifics UK continues to work with JD on a number of expansion projects, establishing itself as a trusted partner for the growing retailer.  

“Prolifics began working with us at a crucial time in our history. As we began to initiate our plans to expand globally, the expertise Prolifics provided was invaluable. Their solution was delivered on time and on budget and allowed us to do what many retailers in today’s climate struggle with. If it weren’t for them during this make-or-break moment, we may not have had the success we are currently enjoying.” – Paul Maxwell, Director for Multichannel, JD Sports Fashion plc. 

Paul Maxwell, Director for Multichannel, JD Sports Fashion plc.


BM Integration Bus (IIB) 

You can use IBM Integration Bus to connect applications together, regardless of the message formats or protocols that they support. This connectivity means that your diverse applications can interact and exchange data with other applications in a flexible, dynamic, and extensible infrastructure. IBM Integration Bus routes, transforms, and enriches messages from one location to any other location 


Massive amounts of data move as messages between applications, systems and services at any given time. If an application isn’t ready or if there’s a service interruption, messages and transactions can be lost or duplicated, costing businesses time and money to make things right. With MQ, if a message can’t be delivered immediately, it’s secured in a queue, where it waits until delivery is assured. Where competitors may deliver messages twice or not at all, MQ moves data, including file data, once — and once only. 

IBM Application Performance Management 

Application performance management (APM) software helps an organization ensure that its critical applications meet established expectations for performance, availability and customer or end-user experience. It does this by measuring application performance, alerting administrators when performance baselines aren’t met, providing visibility into root causes of performance issues, and automatically resolving many performance issues before they impact users or the business. 

IBM DataPower Gateway 

This platform helps provide security, control, integration, and optimized access to workloads across multiple business channels. These channels include mobile, web, application programming interface (API), service-oriented architecture (SOA), B2B and cloud. DataPower Gateway provides a converged policy enforcement point to secure your workloads with consistent security policies across channels, which reduces your operating cost and improves security. 

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