Modernize Your Customer and Employee Experience with Conversational and Generative AI

Pam Roman

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The popularity of ChatGPT is taking every industry by storm, every organization is looking at how to use ChatGPT for their organization. But really, ChatGPT is one tool in the AI toolbox. Organizations should be looking at the bigger picture – how to use Conversational and Generative AI to help build an exceptional customer care and employee experience. In this article we explain how you can utilize Conversational AI, Generative AI, Robotic Process Automation and Chatbots to automate your customer and employee-facing operations. 

Before we explore the powerful impact these leading-edge technologies can have on advancing your business, let’s make sure we understand what  Conversational AI and Generative AI are.  

Conversational AI

With conversational AI, businesses can transform a wide range of operations, including HR support, IT support, and customer-facing operations, ultimately driving productivity and higher satisfaction.  

The goal of conversational AI is to create virtual agents or assistants capable of delivering a human-like user experience using natural language.  

These systems rely on a dialogue-based approach to handle human variation and use a range of technologies including data analytics, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and natural language understanding (NLU) to achieve this. They can carry out sophisticated human interactions, understand speech and text in multiple languages, and offer comprehensive language support. 

Generative AI

With generative AI, businesses can step up their personalization game, create content quickly and accelerate new product development. 

Most existing AI systems are designed to analyze available data and produce outcomes. However, generative AI is focused on generating novel and imaginative outputs, such as images, videos, audios, text and models that are not constrained by pre-existing data or rules. This necessitates that generative AI systems are capable of learning and comprehending patterns and relationships in data, and then use this knowledge to create new outputs that are distinct and unforeseen. 

Business Impact

AI technologies have the power to drive dramatic results for organizations. Two of the benefits organizations consider the most valuable are cost savings and an enhanced user experience for both customers and employees.  

Realizing Cost Savings

AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants automate repetitive and low-level tasks so businesses can optimize their human workforce for more complex and innovative initiatives. 

These technologies also help a business scale quickly and frequently by handling multiple interactions at the same time so the organization doesn’t need to have large teams on payroll just to manage busy periods.  

Chatbots and virtual assistants also help decrease the number of live phone calls and live chats by providing self-service options. This frees up human agents to manage high-level inquiries and reduces associated expenses related to call centers.  

Generative AI can improve conversion rates, increase customer retention and reduce marketing costs by generating personalized recommendations to help marketers reach the right audience with tailored messaging.  

A common scenario – An organization manages 2 million customer conversations/inquiries per week (which is a low number for industries like banking, healthcare and insurance).  

Based on an average cost per call of $3-$4 dollars using human effort, this will cost the business $6-$8 million weekly.  If this business applies automation in the form of an automated assistant, the cost reduces to $300-$400 thousand dollars per week or $.15-$.20 p er call. You can see that with automation you realize significant cost savings. 

Enhancing the Customer and Employee Experience

Chatbots for customer support make it possible for customers to receive instant support 24/7. They are able to manage a variety of inquiries, provide relevant information and personalized assistance.  

Conversational AI-powered virtual assistants can help employees with all sorts of task such as finding information, accessing resources and managing workflows. Just like with customers, these assistants provide employees with real-time support so they can focus on more strategic initiatives.  

Conversational AI can also analyze customer interactions to help businesses identify customer preferences and pain points. With that information, they can proactively address customer concerns, preventing dissatisfaction and escalation. 

Generative AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of customer data to create personal recommendations. These are typically used in online platforms like streaming services and e-commerce sites. The customer can discover relevant content faster which leads to increased satisfaction. 

Generative AI enhances the employee experience through its ability to generate content such as copy, images and video. It saves time for employees and helps a business maintain consistency in messaging and branding. By creating personalized content, it also enhances customer engagement.  

AI technologies powered by NLP enablevoice-controlled interfaces. This allows both customers and employees to interact with systems using natural language. That lead to a seemless and hands-free interaction method.  

A common scenario – An HR department collects written feedback from employees through surveys, suggestion boxes and other channels. This type of feedback is important for understand the specific thoughts and concerns of employees.  

Without AI technologies, it would take the HR team a long time to sort and process all of the comments, and it would be impossible to analyze them without some subjectivity. Generative AI algorithms and NLP capabilities objectively determine sentiment and recurring themes. This helps the HR team gain actionable so they can address the concerns and improve employee satisfaction.  

Solution – An Intelligent Bot Powered by Conversational AI and Generative AI (ChatGPT)

Through the integration of conversational AI and generative AI, Prolifics’ enterprise solution can offer an intelligent, conversational, self-service experience. Our approach combines market-leading chat solutions that can seamlessly integrate with your organization’s communication channels such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, Salesforce, ServiceNow and others, providing a seamless omni-channel experience. This solution also can integrate with your organization’s internal and external systems, including email, CRM, ERP, and other applications. Our conversational AI solution also leverages the power of generative AI to provide more natural and human-like responses. Below is one of the sample architectures on how Prolifics builds a conversational AI system for solving real world problems. 

Solution Features

  • Provides an omnichannel experience to your customers and internal employees to access from any device and applications 
  • Ensures all your business data exchanged between the user and the platform is encrypted and secured. 
  • Provides personalized and dynamic human-like responses 
  • Extracts information from large blocks of unstructured enterprise content and generates or summarizes meaningful content 
  • Extracts specific and relevant answers from your enterprise unstructured content 
  • Integrates with your email and internal communication channels and swith human-like responses 
  • Infuses your self-service desk with more dynamic and personalized interactions with your customers 
  • Understands your customers’ intent, sentiment and emotions and provide response based on that. 

Benefits and Business Value

Adding conversational AI and generative AI to your classic chatbot solution will enable your business to achieve:

  • Increased customer NPS 
  • Reduced operational cost 
  • Personalized and dynamic user experience 
  • Error-free and quicker problem resolution 
  • Decreased human agent turnover rate 
  • Improved first call resolution rate and average call handling time 

        Applicable Areas for Conversational and Generative AI

        There are three main areas Conversational and Generative AI can help organizations:

        • AI-guided enhanced customer experience modernization 
        • AI-guided employee experience modernization 
        • AI-guided contact center automation – agent assist and virtual agents 

          Challenges in Building a Conversational and Generative AI System

          Despite the significant advances in AI, there are still several obstacles that must be overcome to improve its efficiency and usability. The foremost challenge lies in developing systems that can accurately decipher and interpret the subtle intricacies and variance of human interaction, such as sarcasm, irony, and humor. 

          Another challenge in building conversational systems is ensuring the AI can adapt to different users and contexts. In industries such as healthcare, banking, and financial services, users often ask complex queries that require the system to maintain context and demonstrate deep domain understanding. 

          The concerning challenge is ensuring security, data privacy, and ethical considerations. Since these systems rely on vast amounts of historical data to be trained in a specific domain, it’s crucial to implement proper data privacy and security measures with effective governance mechanisms. It’s essential to prioritize compliance with privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and other data protection requirements when building a conversational AI system. 

          Prolifics has a team of professional experienced in navigating these challenges and delivering the best AI solutions for your specific needs. Our experts across the globe come together in our virtual Innovation Center to develop repeatable assets, test concepts and engage the latest emerging technologies to drive your business outcomes. Watch the demonstration videos below to learn more and reach out to our experts to explore if and what AI technologies are best for you.

          Let us show you how we’ve helped other clients augment conversational and generative AI and build a seamless experience for both customer and employees. And explore how we can help you optimize your organization with

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