PROLIFICS NEWS – IBM Recognizes Prolifics with three Beacon Finalists

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ORLANDO, FLA., May 12, 2021 – Prolifics, a global digital transformation leader and a longtime IBM business partner, is thrilled to announce that IBM named three Prolifics solutions as finalists in its 2021 Beacon Awards. Now in their 22nd year, the IBM Beacon Awards celebrate the next generation of innovators, creators and thinkers that use IBM technology, like hybrid cloud and AI, to power innovative solutions … Read More

PROLIFICS NEWS – Prolifics Outcome-based Process Automation Solution Recognized by IBM

Pam Roman

ORLANDO, FLA., May 12, 2021 – Prolifics, a global digital transformation leader and a longtime IBM business partner, is thrilled to announce that IBM named Prolifics as a finalist in its 2021 Beacon Awards. Our “Outcome-based Process Automation” solution is recognized in IBM’s “Outstanding Business Automation Solution” award category.    Now in their 22nd year, the IBM Beacon Awards celebrate the next generation of innovators, creators and thinkers that use IBM technology, like hybrid cloud and AI, to power innovative solutions for partners … Read More

Why You Need a Cyber Risk Assessment

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By Michael Hahn, Head of Security Practice, Prolifics As the past few years have shown, cybersecurity threats are on the rise and affect every business sector across the board. The performance of a Cyber Risk assessment will allow your organization to identify, understand and mitigate risk within your environment. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) defines Risk Assessment … Read More

PROLIFICS NEWS – Prolifics Invests in Growth, Client Commitment with Internal Reorganization

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ORLANDO, FLA., May11, 2021 – Prolifics, a global digital transformation leader, announced an internal reorganization to enable continued growth of the company and stronger alignment to the priorities of its client base. Prolifics CEO Satya Bolli states, “Following the disruption of last year, companies are eager to focus on innovation and their long-term success. This reorganization will better position Prolifics … Read More

You Really Can’t Get Around It – Data Privacy is Data Governance

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Data privacy rules and regulations are constantly evolving – states are adding new laws while others are adding new measures to existing laws. (Check out the blog: What’s the Latest Privacy Legislation…) So, it really is a matter of when, not if, you’re going to have to address data privacy. We talked with Greg Kordelski, Customer Success Leader and subject … Read More

Innovation in Retail: A Test Automation Story

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Click on the visual to view in full screen. Download and read the full story, from initial challenges to results. For those of you more technology minded, this version also contains an in-depth description of the technology included.

Data Science Teams Create Efficiencies for Health Insurance Provider

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Data science can pull meaningful, actionable insights out of your data that can benefit your business in a big way – when it’s done correctly. Technology is obviously a major component of data science, but people and processes are equally important. If the people and processes in the “data supply chain” aren’t operating effectively, no amount of technology will give … Read More

Modernization, Integration Create Better Customer Experience for Retailer

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About our client, an International Retailer This International Retailer (IR) has been a Prolifics client for a decade. The company’s brand names in apparel and accessories are well-known globally, and over the years IR has become a complete fashion lifestyle for its customers. Challenge Retail in General Retail is changing – fast – due to the demands of tech-savvy customers … Read More

Health Insurance Company Expected to Save $1M with New EDI Solution

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OUR CLIENT Our client is a health insurance company (HIC) that has operated in New York State for more than 80 years, evolving with our nation’s healthcare system along the way. CHALLENGE HIC was experiencing issues and limitations with its current electronic data interchange (EDI) set-up – the computer-to-computer exchange of insurance documents in a standard electronic format. First and … Read More

Retire Technical Debt and Open Up Data Science for All- Webinar with IBM

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This second session of a 5 part series explored the topic of replatforming your legacy tooling to be ready for modern data science and AI. To succeed in AI, in addition to implementing new capabilities, you need to retire technical debt and bring all contributors in a unified environment. Dr. Michael Gonzales, Chief Data Scientist with Prolifics, Julianna DeLua, SME … Read More