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At its core, process mining is a specific type of analytical technique that allows organizations to not only discover and monitor the real processes taking place across their business, but to also capitalize on opportunities for improvement across the board.

It does this by extracting insight from the types of event logs that are already available in modern day information systems - meaning the types of solutions that you're probably already using. This puts the actionable data that key stakeholders need at their fingertips, putting them in an excellent position to make better and more informed decisions moving forward.

To truly understand where process mining provides the most value, however, it's important to come to a better understanding of what a "process" is in the first place. Simply put, a process is a series of specific steps that are completed with a defined "start" and "end" point. In other words, it's an overview of all the actions necessary for an employee to complete a particular task - regardless of what that task may be.

The better you understand how that process works and how the individual steps truly fit together, the more likely it is that you'll be able to help that task be completed as efficiently and as consistently as possible.

Processes are critical to a wide array of different industries - from manufacturing to IT service management to even specific areas within a business like accounts payable, supply chain logistics and more. All told, processes are those steps that support the foundation of a business and the more efficient they are, the more profitable the organization in question is as a result.

Process mining enters into the equation because you're essentially using it to answer questions or solve problems that themselves don't necessarily have easy answers. If you know that a particular accounts payable process is taking a tremendous amount of time but aren't sure why, you can use data mining to search for more context surrounding the process itself. This may help clue you into the existence of a challenge or obstacle that would have otherwise gone undiscovered and once you know it's there, you can eliminate it and improve on the process moving forward.

But overall, process mining is important because there really is no such thing as "one small action" in today's modern enterprise. Even a seemingly straightforward process probably intersects with a large number of people and steps, all of which are critical to completing the task. A single process could pass between different departments before completion and before it does, a large number of new variables are introduced along the way. If one area of the business is underperforming it could easily impact the others - all in a way that might not be immediately obvious beyond "I have a problem and I'm not sure where or why."

Therefore, process mining is a great opportunity to remove as many of those variables as possible. By getting true visibility into the processes themselves, you can optimize them in a way that has the most impact on the business. At that point, you're able to improve productivity and profitability at the exact same time.

Why Companies Turn to Process Mining

A major part of the reason why more and more companies are turning to process mining ultimately has to do with the fast-paced digital economy that we're all currently a part of.

Market conditions are changing all the time and even if they weren't, certain unexpected global events have proven more than capable of throwing even the strongest infrastructure into question. In an effort to remain as competitive as possible, companies need both proven and flexible processes in order to make sure that they're operating efficiently and to leave room to easily adapt to ever-changing conditions as well.

Process mining is capable of all of this and more by offering companies a deeper understanding of how things are working, which processes are efficient and, most importantly, which ones aren't.

Because of that, the major benefit of process mining involves allowing you to quickly audit all of your processes in a way that gives you more insight than ever before. Not only can you make meaningful changes to improve efficiency, but it's also a great way to detect potential problems before they have a chance to become a much bigger (and more expensive one) down the road.

By using process mining to define standard operating procedures for specific tasks, you can also leverage technology to get automatic notifications when things may have deviated from that accepted way of doing things. In a lot of situations, this can be a perfect chance to quickly identify employees who may not be following the procedures they're supposed to be (and who are thus putting your revenue in jeopardy).

The benefits or process mining extend far beyond these ideas, too, and into the realm of external forces that influence your organization, too. If you're wondering which vendor historically gives you the best chance at meeting a specified delivery date for an important product launch, for example, you shouldn't have to manually pour over massive volumes of data in order to figure it out. With process mining, you don't have to - all of that actionable information is essentially available in real-time, no matter what.

All told, process mining is an efficient way to solve a number of core business challenges, essentially all at the same time. Not only does it all but guarantee operations are cost effective, but it also helps make sure that everyone is on the right track and moving in the same direction at all times. This of course gives way to the most important benefit of all: allowing businesses of all shapes and sizes to stay one step ahead of their competitors, absolutely no exceptions.

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