Digital Experiences

Create Best-In-Class & Customized Digital Experiences

Technology has reinvented the ways a business can engage with their key audiences: customers, employees and business partners. To be successful, organizations need digital experiences that allow them to meet, and even anticipate, changes in market trends and business needs.

A powerful digital strategy leverages and integrates the power of mobile, social, cloud and analytics to bring highly-personalized and interactive experiences to an organization’s users. Prolifics specializes in building and expanding that strategy through end-to-end solutions that are iterative, nimble and scalable.

Engaging Through Web, Mobile & Social Business

Prolifics specializes in creating and delivering multi-channel digital experiences that provide rich and robust online experiences through multiple channels and devices.

  • Portal & Web Content Management - Enhance your digital brand with dynamic web portals that seamlessly integrate your mobile and collaboration strategies.
  • Social Business & Collaboration - Enrich your workforce collaboration with social tools that improve productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • End-to-End Mobile Development - Extend your existing web presence to mobile devices and bring in the power of analytics, integration and security to truly transform your business.

With significant emphasis on building a custom digital strategy, our solutions are designed to bring highly-personalized and interactive experiences to your users by empowering businesses to maximize the value of their digital presence.

Our Digital Experience Services

Prolifics offers services that will enable your organization with mobile, social, and web integration that will help you engage customers and employees:

  • Mobile Enterprise. Optimize enterprise application solutions for mobile devices and reduce sales cycles, replace manual processes and increase productivity.
  • Customer Experiences. Take a customer-centric approach to improving the effectiveness and cohesiveness to multi-channel, digital touch points.
  • Employee Experiences. Create digital workplaces to help break down communication barriers, transform the employee experience, foster workplace efficiency, and drive growth.
  • Social Business & Collaboration. Combine social, mobile, and real-time collaboration technologies to make working with colleagues, partners, and customers easier and more productive.
  • eForms. Provide a replacement to manual and inefficient paper processes with electronic forms and automated workflows.

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Get More Information About Digital Experiences

Prolifics offers a unique Mobile Advisory Workshop that is designed to assess a client’s IT environment and mobile goals. The workshop will focus on mobile discovery, adoption design and solution prototype to prove the value of going mobile and build adoption across the enterprise.