Planning to IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) Migration

Is legacy Cognos Planning software not meeting the needs of the organization? Are the limitations around scalability and analytics capability and the hurdles required to maintain the solution challenging the organization's ability to properly support existing planning and performance management processes?

With the release of IBM Planning Analytics (TM1), IBM has combined the best of both worlds into a single enterprise performance management solution. TM1’s high-performance, in-memory architecture is designed to handle complex business models, large data volumes, and large user bases, without compromising on performance. TM1 alleviates the need to build various, fragmented applications pieced together with administration links and batch processes, by offering a single, integrated solution for an organization’s performance management needs.

Our Approach

The Prolifics Performance Management team has extensive experience with both the IBM Cognos Planning and TM1 technologies. We leverage this experience to help our clients smoothly transition to TM1. Our approach to migration is based on several key principles:

  • Leverage what is owned.
  • Optimize the new technology
  • Phased Migration based on the client's priorities

Prolifics can help the company realize the many advantages TM1 has over Cognos Planning. Below are just some of the benefits companies have experienced by migrating to TM1:

  • A single, integrated, and scalable solution
  • Real-time consolidation, real-time analytics

  • Hardware consolidation

  • Leverage all the new features and functionality of IBM Planning Analytics (TM1).
  • Leverage new Analytics and Visualization capabilities with Planning Analytics Workspace

Prolifics can help any organization realize these benefits and move to a more powerful, versatile, and integrated performance management solution. Please contact Prolifics for a free TM1 migration evaluation with our Performance Management experts. We will assess the current environment, articulate the benefits the organization will achieve with TM1, and help it take the next step in evolving its performance management capabilities.


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