Prolifics TM1 Accelerator

Having issues implementing IBM Cognos TM1? Want to implement IBM Cognos TM1 under the guidance of proven best practices and methodologies to reduce the risk of failure and complications?

Prolifics' TM1 Accelerator is a pre-configured TM1 model that helps IBM Cognos TM1 clients accelerate their TM1 implementation and also enforce industry best practices for TM1 deployments. The Prolifics TM1 Accelerator is comprised of pre-built processes, utilities, administration cubes, and interfaces, in addition to ‘out of the box’ TM1 capabilities, to help the company efficiently deploy and run its TM1 solution.


By leveraging this Prolifics solution, the company will realize the following benefits:

  • Leverage years of TM1 expertise and implementation experience at the onset of implementation
  • Enforce a standardized and best practice approach for the company's TM1 solution
  • Shorten implementation time
  • Minimize on-going maintenance and total cost of ownership of the solution
  • Maximize return on the TM1 investment

Features and Functionality

The Prolifics TM1 Accelerator contains preconfigured core components required for every TM1 implementation, including:

  • Turbo Integrator Processes and Utilities. There are certain processes fundamental to any TM1 implementation, so why configure them from scratch? The Prolifics TM1 Accelerator already contains key processes modularized for reuse.
  • Administration Cubes and Portal. Pre-configured administration cubes and an administration portal allows the company to manage its TM1 solution in one central place, using a user-friendly web interface.
  • Dimension/Subset Management. Integrating TM1 with the source system metadata is fundamental to any TM1 implementation. The Prolifics TM1 Accelerator has a pre-built process to control, centralize, and automate this to ensure TM1 stays in sync with its source systems.
  • Sample Templates for Excel/Web Development. IBM Cognos TM1’s flexibility is its most powerful attribute, but with flexibility comes risk if not implemented properly. This is why the Prolifics TM1 Accelerator contains pre-configured templates that guides the company throughout its project using best practices such as formatting guidelines, variable usage, TM1 function usage, and other guidelines and best practices to ensure proper performance and minimal maintenance.

The Prolifics TM1 Accelerator was built leveraging years of TM1 implementation experience, industry best practices from sources such as BedrockTM1 and TM1forum, and the knowledge of Prolifics' leading Performance Management experts.

New Prolifics TM1 Accelerator 2.2 Features

The Prolifics TM1 Accelerator 2.2 release includes additional functionality to help accelerate the TM1 implementation:

  • Updated user interfaces for the Administration control templates
  • New templates for security maintenance and process/utility control
  • Template Control cube
  • Adding/deleting TM1 users/groups and updating associations
  • New pre-configured utilities/processes to:
    • Manage the backing up, restore, and disabling of rules files in a cube
    • Combine view and subset clearing using a single filter
    • Swap an element principal name with an alias
    • Import data into a cube from a flat file with a standard CMA format
    • Add/delete TM1 users/groups and updating associations
    • Reprocess feeders
    • And more!  Now includes 46 utilities and processes


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