Prolifics TM1 CAPEX Accelerator

Implementing a new Capital expenditure and planning process? Want to complete the TM1 implementation on time and within budget?

Prolifics has a performance management solution specifically for Capital expenditure planning, reporting and analytics. It provides more detail, transparency and efficiency to the capital planning process by providing a bottom-up, driver-based Capital planning and reporting model.

Prolifics can accelerate TM1 Capital expenditure and planning implementations for organizations and provide the following benefits:

  • Leverage years of TM1 expertise and implementation experience at the onset of your implementation
  • Enforce a standardized and best practice approach for your TM1 solution
  • Shorten implementation time
  • Minimize ongoing maintenance and total cost of ownership of your solution
  • Maximize return on your TM1 investment
  • Integrated Capital asset and project planning, with one single source of truth
  • Combine CAPEX planning with other planning processes in your organization 

  • Ability to do scenario analysis on the different drivers of CAPEX

  • Centrally manage global parameters affecting the planning cycle 

  • Quickly adapt your Capital plans and understand impact to your organization

Features and Functionality
The Prolifics TM1 CAPEX Accelerator is fully developed TM1 solution comprised of comprehensive, pre-built functionality to facilitate your CAPEX processes:

  • Easy to use, intuitive interfaces for new asset planning
  • Drop-down menu based selections
  • Online help and instructions
  • Plan by any asset category for any cost center, including key asset data such as description, business rationale, risk impact, residual amount, expense, capitalization and disposal periods, etc.
  • Automatic calculation of depreciation continuity schedules for newly planned assets
  • Integration of existing asset schedules
  • Analysis of new, existing and combined asset balances and depreciation


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Prolifics TM1 CAPEX Accelerator