Prolifics TM1 Health Check

Not realizing the expected benefits or ROI out of a TM1 implementation? Are there still outstanding issues with the TM1 solution?

The Prolifics TM1 Health Check is a service provided to existing IBM Cognos TM1 customers who have not reaped the full or expected benefits from their TM1 implementation. There are many reasons why a TM1 solution may not be as successful as anticipated. Whether it's poor end-user adoption, sub-standard performance, or the solution not meeting the requirements of the business, this service is intended to help customers diagnose the issues of their current implementation. Prolifics will then work with the business to develop an action plan to address it and get it back on the right track.


The primary activities included in this service are:

  • Interviews with system owners/administrators and end-users to identify and understand the current issues with the system
  • A thorough review of current system including:
    • Business model architecture (including cubes, dimension, rules, IT processes)
    • Data/Metadata interfaces
    • User interfaces
    • Hardware/Software environment
    • Other system components which may be the cause of issues identified by system owners
  • Diagnosis of potential causes of above issues based on review
  • Development of action plan to address the issues

Length of Service

5 – 15 days (depending on size and scope of the implementation)

Benefits and Deliverables

The deliverable from this service is a detailed Audit/Health Check report documenting the results of the above activities which is comprised of primarily issue identification, diagnosis of potential causes, and a recommended course of action to address each identified issue. The business will benefit from having a plan in place to get its TM1 solution back on track, realize the full value of the software, and begin to reap the return on investment!


IBM Cognos TM1


Prolifics TM1 Health Check Brochure