Prolifics TM1 Manufacturing

Implementing IBM Cognos TM1 for a Manufacturing company? Want to complete the TM1 implementation on time and within budget?

Prolifics has a performance management solution specifically for the Manufacturing Industry, based on the IBM Cognos TM1 platform. This solution is based on years of performance management experience at manufacturing companies including food and meats, packing materials, recreational products, electronics, and chemical manufacturers, amongst others. The solution was developed in partnership with Prolifics global TM1 affiliate consultancy, K&S Ltd.

For manufacturing companies looking for a planning and performance management solution, why start from scratch? By leveraging this pre-configured solution, the company can:

  • Expedite implementation time, decrease implementation costs, and increase overall return on investment
  • Move off of the existing inefficient, Excel-based solution to a leading-edge performance management platform
  • Leverage the best practices within the manufacturing industry
  • Leverage the lessons learned and experience gained from years of IBM Cognos TM1 implementations at various Manufacturing companies

Features and Functionality
This fully developed TM1 solution addresses the typical planning needs of a manufacturing company, specifically in regards to planning and analyzing production costs, raw materials purchasing, and sales demand planning. The solution includes a full set of integrated modules required for any manufacturing company’s performance management needs; from product details and bill of materials planning right through to the financial planning and analysis.

  • Sales Demand Planning. Plan the demand of finished goods by customer and product type
  • Production Planning. Plan optimal manufacturing scenarios and schedules to minimize overhead, inventory, and freight costs while considering key variables like plant capacity Model driver-based relationships like overhead, materials, and other variables
  • Purchase/Supply Chain Planning. Plan multiple vendor scenarios to minimize raw material costs and optimize the supply chain by considering key variables like vendor price, delivery cost, and payments terms
  • Overhead/Indirect Cost Planning. Allocation rules to apply fixed overhead/indirect costs against finished goods
  • Full Financial Planning & Analysis. Integrated Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash flow planning and reporting


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