Prolifics TM1 Quick Start

Purchased IBM Cognos TM1 and is unsure of where to start? Require assistance in getting a project up and running?

The Prolifics TM1 Quick Start is a service that is available to customers who have purchased IBM Cognos TM1 and require some assistance to get their implementation started. Solution implementations can be daunting to plan and execute. The Prolifics TM1 Quick Start assists customers in planning, defining, and scoping their project with minimal investment in consulting services.


The primary activities included in this service are:

  1. Installation and review of the Prolifics TM1 Accelerator, a pre-configured TM1 model that helps IBM Cognos TM1 customers:
    • Accelerate their TM1 implementation
    • Apply industry best practices
  2. Requirements review workshops:
    • Business process review
    • Business model review
    • Data interface review
    • User outputs/interface review
  3. A high-level overview of what can be included in the TM1 solution:
    • TM1 module/cube design and overview
    • TM1 model process flow
    • Key dimension and data interface design
  4. Implementation plan development

Length of Service

10 days

Benefits and Deliverables

The deliverables from this service are:

  • Scope and Design Definition report, documenting the results of the Activities
  • Starting implementation plan

The client will have a plan and an initial design in place that has been developed by TM1 implementation experts. This will ensure that the organization has started its TM1 solution implementation on the right track and is well on its way to realizing the full value of IBM Cognos TM1.


IBM Cognos TM1


Prolifics TM1 Quick Start Brochure