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Quality Assurance Drives Business Assurance ... and Success

Testing – done correctly and efficiently – will improve your customer experience and help ensure that you reach your chosen business goals. You have to start your automation early and with the right approach. So why is it often on of the last things business think about when designing and implementing their digital strategies?  That's how you drive real business value.

Prolifics'  approaches test automation as an integral part of any project,  from the beginning. And we continuously innovate in the space to develop accelerators and digital products, and applying AI/ML for optimal performance. That's how we help you drive real business value.  

With Prolifics' experience and innovations in test automation, you will ...


map business goals to testing requirements - a key to aligning business  and technology goals


identify and design types and levels of test automation to ensure an optimal strategy


leverage tools and accelerators to increase speed and reduce cost of execution


implement intelligence when, where and how you need it - depend on AI/MLto  work while you sleep


test systems to scale; make them responsive, secure and resilient for optimal performance


analyze result patterns to better predict potential future outcomes


Business Ausurance and Functional Testing

Generally, software testing would first see if the software worked as designed. Then, the actual software users would test the software in real-world scenarios. It’s no longer feasible to separate the testing, it’s too costly and time consuming. 

Prolifics’ extends functional testing to include the desired business outcomes, or business assurance. This means you can expect software testing to check for business outcomes early in the testing process, as well as into real-world use.

So what does that mean for you? It means faster testing, better quality software, reduced costs and the assurance throughout the testing process that the software will deliver as intended.

Performance Testing

Knowing your software, app or website is functioning correctly is only part of the battle. It has to perform under a wide range of different user situations. Our performance testing helps you identify and correct performance bottlenecks early. For your existing applications, we can help you pinpoint and fix the problem at its source.

Our performance testing ensures:

  •  your systemcan cope with expected user levels at normal and peak loads while keeping up response times
  •  your systemcan handle extended loads (soak) and sudden increases in load (spikes) during normal operation
  •  your system's performance is consistent through different browsers, operating systems and mobile

We execute performance testing at either your site or remotely, but most often it's a combination of both. We employ a cloud infrastructure for speed, scale and lower costs.

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Case Studies & Insights

Meet Prolifics' Customer Success Leader

Prashant Kumar Ivaturi is a Customer Success Leader at Prolifics, with in-depth expertise in quality assurance and test automation. His more than 17 years of experience has made him an expert in the omni-channel retail, supply-chain, logistics and finance domains. He has done it all – technology consulting, account management, delivery, pre-sales, proposal development, program and people management, integrations, automation, and IT operations – and throughout, has generated a proven track record of growth and success for his clients.  

He is passionate about retail tech and related product and sustainable initiatives that impact the planet. This has included the turnaround of a marquee retail account through global engineering delivery teams; the integration of our UK testing company acquisition; and helping to plan the strategic road map for business expansion in the UK and Europe. 

Prashant has an MBA in strategy and leadership from the Indian School of Business, where he was President of the Graduate Student Board, and an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology (Warangal). He is located at Prolifics’ Hyderabad, India offices.