Global Banking Firm Goes With MuleSoft For Modern Integration

July 13, 2023
Global Banking Firm Goes With MuleSoft For Modern Integration


This financial institution is a global markets banking specialist (MBS) offering its international customer base commodities and fixed income and currencies products that focus on emerging markets. The organisation prides itself on forming strong, lasting relationships with its clients.


This client story features a leading global bank with a foundation of best-of-breed banking applications, these required integration with high-level, customer-facing foundational systems. With many integration solutions in their software estate, ranging from commercial to bespoke, the challenge was to remove legacy, antiquated and ‘homegrown’ integration solutions and replace them with API-focussed solutions using MuleSoft,


While the Prolifics relationship and MuleSoft practice was relatively recent at this point in time, we possessed a wider MuleSoft expertise in our global delivery team. We had also developed a significant degree of trust and knowledge of the customer systems during a pilot project we had previously engaged on, giving Prolifics unique insight into the architecture and the best way to progress.

For the integration implementation, Prolifics employed an Agile approach for the project delivery, consisting of multiple four-week sprints to deliver more than 160 newly created APIs. Prolifics worked with the customer to prioritise API development, ensuring not only was the solution developed to industry-standards, but also allowed for optimal code-reuse to maximize the efficiency of the solution build process. Our ongoing development lifecycle took the new integrations through the development lifecycle to production. Prolifics delivered a steady stream of APIs to benefit the client throughout the project, allowing them to use and immediately recognise benefits from the new and improved solution.


The critical factor of the original project – now completed – was to efficiently migrate the client onto an API based MuleSoft infrastructure and be able to decommission both previous integration platforms.

Our client realised significant cost savings across the board, removing the unsupported legacy technology; for a more efficient solution to act as a catalyst for innovation, while providing the agility to develop faster.

With the MuleSoft model, reusing the APIs means lower incremental costs for additional APIs and lowers the total overall cost of ownership. Even when developing disparate solutions, there are certain elements that can always be reused, like the handling of errors, reporting, and the way certain transformations are accomplished. Prolifics ensured the customers solution exploited all of these benefits.