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Rapid, Scalable Integration

Rapid, Scalable Integration

To be a true, agile digital business poised for growth, you need to align your applications design with an integration strategy. A successful hybrid integration strategy combines application programming interfaces (APIs), data integration, and application integration techniques to deliver flexible, scalable applications to the enterprise.

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Many of yesterday’s point-to-point integrations aren’t effective in today’s advanced digital environments. Now, it’s about connecting multiple sources – making sure your older systems and newer systems can talk – modernizing where and when it makes sense –moving data from entry point to end user while protecting it and maintaining its integrity. 

You want an integration solutions that works for you quickly and will evolve with your future needs – take advantage of our deep expertise, customized workshops, exclusive accelerators and repeatable models to deliver your business success.


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Key Elements of Integration & Applications


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Integration & API Workshops

You can choose from one of our free to low-cost workshops below or we’ll customize a workshop
just for you. It’s a discovery that moves vision to value – faster.


Agile Integration Workshop

  • Understand strategic objectives and business outcomes, and how
  • they align with the right integration strategy
  • Understand the AS-IS integration landscape to identify areas of improvement
  • Create a roadmap for Agile Integration
  • Create a high-level blueprint for a TO-BE architecture
  • Executive summary of workshop findings including business drivers, pain points and key business outcomes
  • Assessment of AS-IS integration landscape including areas of improvement; an implementation roadmap to get to TO-BE architecture


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Agile Integration Workshop

Event Streams


Design a future state for integration strategies that deliver a range of relevant business benefits:

  • Reduced time-to-value
  • Reduced effort
  • Happier, more productive steams
  • Executive summary of workshop findings
  • Key business drivers and pain points
  • AS-IS integration landscape for Event Streams
  • Areas for modernization with respect to Event Streams
  • High-level roadmap for modernization
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Event Streams

Customized Workshop

We identify the real issues – not just the obvious symptoms – and identify opportunities you didn’t know existed. Don’t see exactly what you need? We’ll customize a workshop for you. It’s the discovery that moves vision to value – fast.

  • Integration Strategy
  • API-Maturity Assessment
  • API-Readiness Assessment
  • Integration Migration Factory
  • Platform Installation & Reference Architecture
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Customized Workshop

Get Your Integration Strategy In Place


Get the right data to the right people at the right time – all in a readily accessible, integrated manner


Understand your customers better and provide a personalized, tailored customer experience


Access a consolidated, real-time view of data that are integrated across devices, platforms, applications, and systems


Realize a faster time to market through design extensibility and reusability


Leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI), whether in each application or in overall performance management

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