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Start Your Test Automation Early and Save Time Sooner

Start Your Test Automation Early and Save Time Sooner

Prolifics knows that testing done correctly and efficiently will improve your customer experience and help you reach your business goals.

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At Prolifics, quality assurance and test automation (QATA) is an integral part of any project, from the very beginning. It assures quality, reduces testing expenditures, and immediately addresses problems.

We’re always developing new testing accelerators and digital products while applying AI/ML in innovative ways for optimal performance.


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Types of Test Automation


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Test Automation Workshop

You can choose from one of our free to low-cost workshops below or we’ll customize a workshop
just for you. It’s a discovery that moves vision to value – faster.



Customized Test Automation and Performance Workshop

  • Identify your current business and system landscape
  • Identify potential areas of improvement leveraging scientific testing techniques
  • Identify levels, types and areas to build intelligent automation and performance tests that deliver a range of real business outcomes
  • A roadmap to deliver solutions


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Customized Test Automation and Performance Workshop

Reach Your Business Goals With Accurate Testing


Map business goals to testing requirements - business and technology goals


Identify and design types and levels of test automation to ensure an optimal strategy


Leverage tools and accelerators to increase speed and reduce the cost of execution


Implement intelligence when, where and how you need it


Test systems to scale; make them responsive, secure and resilient for optimal performance


Analyze result patterns to predict potential future outcomes

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