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The Panther Tool Suite is a collection of application development tools designed to facilitate your own component-based development efforts, helping you create n-tier web and client/server applications that interface with modern front-end technologies.

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JAM/Panther/XMLink Resources & Downloads

Visit the Panther Documentation site

Search the JAM/Panther documentation library, access manuals, release information and installation guides.

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JAM 5 Documentation

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XMLink & XUG documentation

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Panther 5.54 limited trial edition

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Download Panther Web Debugger

Download the latest Panther Web Debugger with the updated “JPL stack” tab feature.

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Download JPL plugin

Download a free instance of JPL Eclipse Plugin. You can create and update JPL, HTML, JavaScript, and other files for your Panther application, directly from your Eclipse UI. *Later version of Eclipse required.

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Is your Panther application’s functionality still relevant for the business? In many cases, it is. You have built your business around your application, and it does everything your business needs, but would you like it to do more?

Next comes the question: What shall we do with it? Do we Re-use, Re-write or Re-place it?

The Prolifics Modernization Team can help you achieve your goals, no matter which approach is needed …

Modernize your application by RE-USING your existing resources; Don’t throw away thousands of man-hours of coding.

See how Prolifics migrated JAM applications from Solaris to RedHat. Let Prolifics maintain your JAM or Panther applications.

After a number of years an application will become outdated…

This is a fact; technology moves on, new devices and hardware become available. User expectations and ways of using applications have changed. Cloud, Internet of Things etc. are there to use and interact with. This whitepaper explores the options of re-use, re-write, or re-place.

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