Manta-Prolifics Purview Connector for Enhanced Data Lineage

The Manta-Prolifics Purview Connector is a powerful tool designed to enhance data lineage capabilities within organizations. Data lineage refers to the ability to track and understand data flow from its source through various transformations and processes to its ultimate destination. It is critical to businesses' data governance, compliance, and decision-making processes. The Manta-Prolifics Purview Connector facilitates seamless integration between Manta Flow, a leading data lineage and visualization platform, and Azure Purview, a comprehensive data governance solution offered by Microsoft. By connecting these two platforms, organizations can achieve enhanced data lineage capabilities and gain deeper insights into their data ecosystems. The connector enables organizations to capture comprehensive data lineage information across heterogeneous data environments, including data sources, transformations, dependencies, and usage patterns. Automate discovering and documenting data lineage, reducing manual effort and ensuring accuracy and consistency in lineage information. With the MPP, organizations gain end-to-end visibility into the flow of data across systems, applications, and processes, enabling them to trace the lineage of data assets and understand their impact on business operations. This connector helps organizations enforce data governance policies and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by providing visibility into data lineage, provenance, and usage. Organizations can perform impact analysis and assess the potential risks associated with changes to data assets, applications, or infrastructure by leveraging the rich lineage information captured by the connector. Improve collaboration, scalability, and flexibility with this tool for improved business intelligence and insight to make informed decisions based on accurate data. Contact Prolifics today to learn how Manta-Prolifics Purview Connector empowers organizations to achieve enhanced data lineage capabilities. It enables them to govern their data effectively, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and make informed decisions based on trusted data insights. By leveraging this robust connector, organizations can unlock the full potential of their data assets and drive business success in today's data-driven world.

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