IBM Cognos Analytics – Time for an Upgrade

July 15, 2021
IBM Cognos Analytics – Time for an Upgrade

IBM Cognos Analytics is IBM’s premier and robust business analytics solution for sharing actionable insights and augmented intelligence to drive analysis across your organization.

Why Upgrade?

Technology is always changing. In today’s landscape, the adoption of modern and data visualizations helps you make smarter decisions and gain better insights and augmented intelligence to drive analysis. Upgrading your IBM Cognos Business Intelligence or IBM Cognos Analytics to the latest version of IBM Cognos Analytics offers the following benefits:

  1. Attractive, modern user interface
  2. New features to explore and share the data
  3. High Performance
  4. Access to new data source.
  5. Easy and user-friendly self-service dashboard interface
  6. AI and Watson-enabled features to reduce learning curves
  7. Software support and maintenance

How can Prolifics helps with your upgrade solution?

Cognos upgrades appear relatively straight forward – but they do come with a catch. The data migration and the quality of reports is essential for any successful upgrade. Given the size of the data that organizations store these days, efficient and effective testing and certification is critical to control costs and ensure a high-quality business outcome. This is where Prolifics’ expertise with multiple Cognos upgrades and testing can help.

Prolifics leverages testing accelerators and proprietary Cognos Analytics automation assets to automate the testing at multiple levels to ensure speed and coverage at scale. Our Cognos upgrade experience and approach lets us deliver the upgrades faster and reduce the overall cost for our customers.

Prolifics’ Cognos Analytics Upgrade & Testing

  • SMEs drive flawless planning and execution
  • Ensure data quality, integrity during migration
  • Reports sanity – counts, formats
  • Up to 30% faster time-to-market through Prolifics’ accelerators and automated validation

Testing Using Our Accelerators

  • Automated migration testing
  • Automated testing on UI
  • Comparison with production results

Prolifics is a trusted global technology solutions and service provider and a platinum IBM Partner. Our team of experts will help in upgrading IBM Cognos Business Intelligence or IBM Cognos to latest IBM Cognos Analytics with our innovative, thorough, and efficient approach. We have successfully completed many Cognos upgrade projects across the world.


  • Siva Sugali – Technical Architect/Cognos Analytics Expert – Prolifics
  • Prashant Ivaturi – Solution Director and Test Automation Leader – Prolifics