Prolifics Acquires Enable Consulting

September 19, 2023
Prolifics Acquires Enable Consulting

Orlando, Fla., September 19, 2023 – Prolifics, a global digital engineering leader, and Enable Consulting, an IT consultancy, are now working together to enrich the Salesforce platform for their clients. Their combined expertise will help optimize Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and a host of other SaaS offerings from the CRM leader. 

Enable Consulting, headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region, excels in implementing, configuring, and tailoring streamlined, dynamic, and fully integrated Salesforce platform including sales, service, marketing, customer experience, data and analytics to meet the unique needs of its clients. As a recognized Salesforce Partner, Enable has demonstrated proficiency in delivering customized solutions, project implementations, and integrations.  

This acquisition aligns with Prolifics’ commitment to partnering with their clients and innovating customer-centric solutions. Enable’s specialized Salesforce knowledge will empower Prolifics to accelerate and expand its current offerings in Salesforce engineering, incorporating end-to-end and hybrid cloud platforms, seamless third-party app integrations, AI-powered analytics, and in-house testing accelerators while collectively ensuring the highest levels of quality, reliability, and functionality. 

Commenting on the acquisition, Prolifics CEO Satya Bolli stated, “This strategic move underscores our dedication to advancing customer-oriented growth. By uniting the strengths of Prolifics and Enable Consulting, we are poised to serve our Salesforce clients more effectively than ever before. With Salesforce’s continuous evolution, our clients seek innovative ways to leverage its capabilities, and this acquisition bolsters our ability to assist them every step of the way.” 

Enable Consulting CEO and Managing Partner Joe Cellucci added, “Enable’s mission was to find a strategic partner to match in growth, capability and – most importantly – cultural alignment. And that’s what we found with Prolifics. We’re not just another Salesforce implementation partner. We engineer transformative solutions where Salesforce is the cornerstone of those 360-degree platforms that most organizations aspire to create. We focus on optimizing Salesforce for enterprise-level impact.” 

About Prolifics

At Prolifics, we deliver outcomes that matter, whether it’s literally keeping the lights on for thousands of families, improving access to medical care, or helping prevent worldwide financial fraud. We’re digital engineers providing technology services and consulting across the full digital environment. Our expertise includes data strategy, integration and modernization, automation, AI and emerging technologies, and quality assurance and test automation. We use our systematic approach to rapid, enterprise-grade continuous innovation to treat our digital deliverables like a customized product – using agile practices to deliver immediate and ongoing increases in value. 

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About Enable Consulting

Enable Consulting offers end-to-end Salesforce expertise for an optimized customer journey. Our services are designed to unlock the full potential of Salesforce, resulting in streamlined, robust, and fully integrated solutions. We specialize in orchestrating digital transformations through various Salesforce capabilities, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Pardot, MuleSoft, Lightning Platform, Data Cloud and Industry Clouds, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to modern business needs. Enable Consulting is dedicated to elevating your Salesforce experience, enhancing efficiency, and unlocking new potential across every aspect. We have focused from our start on creating solutions with our client’s best interest as the focal point while enhancing their ability to be agile and continuously innovate.

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