Rapid, Richer Case Management

February 14, 2020
Rapid, Richer Case Management

Adding a rapid, richer UI to IBM Case Manager

Could you actually enjoy going to the DMV? Could you imagine getting in and out with your new license quickly and with a smile? Recently, one of our clients, a state government agency, teamed with the Prolifics Innovation Center to address a very specific pain point – they were looking for a simpler user interface (UI) that would make one of their registration functions more user-friendly for them and more efficient for their customers. The client’s registration employees found the current UI cumbersome and clunky, while the client’s coders found it difficult to maintain and keep running. We have a pretty good idea how the customers in line felt.

The challenge: develop a rapid, richer case management

Our client used IBM Case Manager for all their back-end data and processes, with an add-on, third-party UI framework for the front end. As a team, the Innovation Center set out to build what we termed a “rapid, richer case management” solution. The goal was not only to solve the client’s immediate issue with the current registration function, but also create the ability to rapidly prototype a UI to any IBM Case Manager process without being dependent upon a third-party. Any state or local government would have multiple agencies that would benefit from such a solution – such as driver’s licenses, tax payments, parking permits and countless others.

The technology: current, available, and low configuration

The solution skill set needed to be modern and readily available in the current workforce. We began with JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) an open-standard file format that uses human-readable text. The solution uses JSON to connect to IBM Case Manager (back end) and then specify what the client wants on their screen (front end). We added Angular – a popular UI framework – for the display widgets that are connected to the JSON files.

The benefits: lower costs, implements quickly, maintains easily, looks great

By removing the cost of a third-party UI addition to IBM Case Manager, our rapid, richer case management solution can save money. For the client CIO and IT support staff, Prolifics can implement the solution in a fraction of the time versus other solutions. You’ll find that maintenance is easy – the simplicity is that no coding is required to render the UI; to change a field on the screen you merely change the name in the JSON file. (Business logic, validation and security would still require some coding.)

From a business and employee-user side, the resulting interface looks good, feels modern and is friendly to use. An issue we’ve found in our discussions with state and local governmental agencies – and many industries – is that they have a hard time recruiting young talent. Part of the problem is that young talent expects modern technology that looks and acts a certain way. A rich user interface helps with this challenge. The ultimate benefit, though, is that a better UI makes that customer line move faster.

About the Prolifics Innovation Center

The Prolifics Innovation Center leverages our decades of experience to build next-generation solutions like our “rapid, richer case management.” We provide the leadership and vision that keep organizations competitive. Our experts work closely with our customers to incorporate feedback and tailor our solutions to real-world business needs. If you would like to learn more about our rapid, richer case management solution or become part of our Innovation Center, please email us at solutions@prolificsdev.wpengine.com.

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