Test Automation with Artificial Intelligence – The Right Recipe for Today’s Business Environment

November 6, 2020
Test Automation with Artificial Intelligence – The Right Recipe for Today’s Business Environment

Testing and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Today’s business environment puts a premium on the ability to react, change and rebound quickly. We’re looking to do everything faster – including testing – and once speed is part of the equation, there’s no going back.

What you want in testing…

You’re updating or replacing your legacy systems – usually in tight time frames – for operational speed, efficiency, savings and a better customer experience. In this environment you need these new applications in place immediately, but you must be certain they do what they’re supposed to, are secure and scalable.

This means that testing is more crucial than ever before it can make or break your entire digital transformation. You want – and need – testing that gives you both confidence and speed to market.

What can do it…

Gartner tells us: “Intelligent automation provides huge potential for greater productivity and efficiency in application testing, at a lower cost.” However, Gartner also says: “Only 12 percent of organizations leverage (artificial intelligence) AI for testing more than 10 percent of the time.”

What’s an example of AI at work in testing? By replicating the reasoning, thought process and experience of a human tester (but faster and better), AI analyzes the continuously growing testing data of an application to find hidden patterns and insights. The AI then predicts how the tested application will behave – specifically identifying areas or test cases that are more likely to fail. This means smarter, more focused and earlier testing, reducing overall test cycle time and cost.

What the others are offering…

A lot of testing providers are still trying to catch up to today’s more innovative modernization projects. They say their testing is automated, and that’s correct. But it’s traditional automation that’s still not as fast or affordable, and often not part of the entire test lifecycle – certainly not as “intelligent” as it could be.

A few providers have ventured into the AI space when it comes to testing. They tell you they have AI as part of their testing or give you an “AI-tool” but without further direction or support. These providers are not offering the next level of agile, reliable and scalable testing – that uses intelligent automation with artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML).

What you need…

Where do you find testing that actually leverages intelligent automation and AI? You need a provider with real engineers who have the data science know-how and methodology to inject true AI/ML into your entire testing lifecycle – from strategy, design, data, and test cases through execution and analytics. Testing with true AI is a unique, game-changing differentiator – reducing the overall testing lifecycle while increasing quality, giving you both the high confidence and speed to market you need.

Prolifics can help

You have a vision – don’t let your technology slow you down. Prolifics’ solutions and experience will get you there. Prolifics Quality Fusion testing solution is a single, Cloud-based platform using Open Source components with the unique addition of embedded artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Quality Fusion automates test design, data, execution and analytics across web, mobile, desktop and APIs. Prolifics’ Business Assurance 360 (BA360) is the first-of-its-kind tool that helps map and align every stage of the Quality Assurance process to your company’s business objectives, while using machine learning (ML) to automatically generate test cases. Check out Prolifics’ Innovation Sandbox, Episode 5 – AI Powered Testing, and read more about our ML solutions

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