This is Not Your Father’s Integration

August 9, 2023
This is Not Your Father’s Integration

“Digital transformation is the key… and integration is key to digital transformation.”- Prolifics’ Andy Blank

Integration – yesterday and today

Once upon a time – a long time ago – a company first deployed more than one system, and the concept of integrating those systems was born. Thus, for many of us, integration is not new, and in the spectrum of IT projects and technology, it’s not necessarily exciting.

“Not so fast”– says Andy Blank, Prolifics VP, Offering Management and an integration modernization subject matter expert (SME). Andy’s seeing a huge – and exciting – new focus on cloud adoption related to digital transformation, with a lot of companies putting up a lot of investment.

“The first thing to understand is the large shift that’s happened in the last couple of years and is continuing to happen – there is a huge amount of growth in integration,” said Andy. “It was originally attributed to the need for integration for new business models during the pandemic, but even now, with the pandemic in the rear-view mirror, this growth has continued throughout all industries. Companies are doing it – and they’re doing it in a big way.”

Andy notes that we’re in the middle of a predicted $10 billion integration modernization growth period, 2021 to 2026. It’s fueled by growing demand for digital transformation, which is key for operational excellence, product leadership, and outstanding customer experiences.

“More and more systems have to talk to each other in more and more disparate places, in more and more disparate ways – and companies are adopting hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructures. Integration is in the middle of all of it,” said Andy.

When looking for a technology company to assist with your integration modernization projects, Andy recommends that your organization should consider the following:

  • Does it look like they’re just going to jump in headfirst, or do they offer discovery meetings or workshops to uncover your true issues and needs?
  • What’s their experience? Do they have a track record of client success stories and case studies?
  • Have they worked in your industry before, and do they know how integration affects the whole of your business?
  • Are they pushing just one technology or vendor, or have they worked with and supported a variety of offerings based on what’s best for the client?
  • Do they only do certain integration pieces, or will they support you from design to implementation for your whole project?
  • Will they disappear when the project is done? What support or managed services can they provide?

“For companies out there, I have a simple message,” said Andy. “What are you currently using for integration? Digital transformation is the key to competitiveness and success, and integration is key to digital transformation.”

Prolifics and Integration Modernization

Prolifics’ Integration Modernization solutions encompass full lifecycle systems integration implementation, modernization and management services, including digital transformation, API implementation and management, microservices design and development, and more.

Our approach to integration modernization includes people, process and technology. At Prolifics, we know that integration requires experience – beyond the latest tools or platforms. When we come into an organization, we quickly see the right opportunities to engage and pitfalls to avoid. We deliver integration solutions efficiently, quickly and completely, with minimal or no downtime or disruption.

We use a proven methodology and our own in-house, reusable accelerators and IP to modernize and automate your integration. In addition, we don’t believe that integration is just a “black box” connecting A to B to C. With Prolifics, you’re able to see, collect and work with data and information anywhere along your new integration pathways.

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Integration success stories

Here are just a few client success stories:
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