The American Bureau of Shipping Successfully Navigates Data Privacy

March 17, 2022
The American Bureau of Shipping Successfully Navigates Data Privacy
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ABS is one of the world’s leading ship classification organizations, committed to setting standards for safety and excellence so that the marine and offshore industries can operate safely, securely and responsibly. For more than 150 years, ABS has worked alongside its partners to tackle the most pressing technical, operational and regulatory challenges.


The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) collects a substantial amount of data from customers and business partners through its operations in 70 countries. ABS needed to understand what laws applied to them and how best to move toward compliance. But, instead of waiting for each government mandate to roll out, ABS needed a bigger picture solution – one that was applicable, repeatable and would address a large percentage of whatever government data privacy rules come next. ABS also needed the solution to help distinguish its brand in the marketplace as being a good steward of its customers’ data.


Prolifics provided data integration and data management solutions that helped ABS modernize data delivery and data consolidation for its 200 offices around the world.

Prolifics’ initial partnership with ABS focused on modernizing applications and reducing dependency on data silos. As part of a yearly rolling contract, Prolifics was responsible for both platform and product upgrades to help ABS streamline digital transformation initiatives – no small feat for a company that has been in business for more than 150 years. By modernizing data operations, Prolifics helped ABS pinpoint key data sources across the organization and create a framework capable of collecting, curating, and storing this data securely.

Next, ABS asked Prolifics to assess their GDPR-readiness. We worked with ABS to deploy our rapid Data Privacy Assessment, to identify issues and opportunities for data integration and a larger data solution for continuity. Prolifics determined that while existing processes and policies were effective for structured data management, their unstructured data handling needed work.

The success of this project led to a follow-on services engagement that focused on developing a comprehensive and in-depth data governance strategy, using Prolifics’ Data Governance Framework solution. This gave ABS a unified platform to deliver data governance, analytics and compliance on a global scale. With this insight, the company can target sensitive data for action, move toward better compliance, and avoid regulatory infractions that impact both the bottom line and the brand’s image.


Bolstered by robust data handling and armed with a roadmap from Prolifics, ABS was able to identify gaps, processes, and technologies that put them at risk of GDPR noncompliance, implement new policies to reduce regulatory risk, and develop in-depth data governance capabilities to help meet evolving compliance requirements.

As a result of the Data Governance Framework solution, ABS is closer to compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations as they emerge.

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