Agile Integration Modernization Helps Keep the Lights On for E&U

December 20, 2022

Our Client

Our client is a Midwest-based diversified energy company involved in the development and management of energy-related businesses and services nationwide. Its operating units include an electric company with more than 2 million customers in its part of the state. The client’s portfolio includes energy businesses focused on power and industrial projects and energy marketing and trading.


Our client needed to upgrade and modernize its Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS), the main grid application which generates, distributes and manages electricity, as well as handles outages. Concurrently they wanted to upgrade the field service management system. The need to upgrade was driven by the fact that the client’s current systems were old, which meant:

  • the inability to respond quickly to power outages
  • the inability to meet customer demand, which fluctuated with the weather, the season, and usage by a large industrial base.
  • inefficiencies in sending out repair crews or having to send them back multiple times.


The client chose an ADMS solution to replace much of its aging technology. The systems within the ADMS included distribution management, electric management and outage management. Our charge was to build all of the interfaces between this new outage management system and all of their existing enterprise applications. This would be about 40 different interfaces, including ERP, CRM, asset management, E&U specific applications like meter reading, and the field service management system.

Working together, Prolifics and the client chose the integration technology tools. Prolifics assembled a large team of both onshore and offshore resources to complete the integration.

We have structured the project in two phases:

  • Phase 1: Smart Meter Closed Loop

As part of the deployment of new smart meters into the field, Prolifics established “closed loop” integration to connect the smart meters to backend systems. Specific integration points now enable the client to confirm whether voltage levels for specific meters are within tolerance, supporting both proactive monitoring and confirmation that corrections by field technicians actually fixed the problem. Also, in support of customer satisfaction, Prolifics integrated with a texting system that communicates directly with the consumer about electricity levels and their satisfaction with any fixes made.

  • Phase 2: Full ADMS Integration

This phase includes the remaining interfaces that connect to the ADMS third party system. Interfaces have been developed and tested but go live is dependent on the ADMS system’s readiness (third party) for end-to-end system testing. Go live was originally scheduled for Fall of 2020 but has been pushed back due to delays from the ADMS vendor, partly due to COVID-19 affecting their development deployment teams.


As the project is new and ongoing at this writing, we are working with the client to define specific metrics and a governance model to monitor them. The specific measurable items defined to date include:

  • Customer Satisfaction: Improved customer satisfaction ratings (this has a direct correlation to their ability to secure rate increase approvals)
  • Revenue: Rate increase approvals to drive additional revenue – this is a longer-term metric that ties to a measurable increase in customer satisfaction scores
  • Cost Reduction: Through efficiency gains.
  • Reduce the number of field-troubleshooting visits. Today, they must “roll trucks” when an outage is reported. With the new system, they will be able to troubleshoot remotely and only “roll trucks” when necessary.


Prolifics E&U Agile Integration Modernization (E&U-AIM) solution is built on leading vendor technology partnered with Prolifics’ accelerators and IP assets, all specifically curated to lead a successful, agile integration – in fact, a digital transformation – for E&U companies. For a further listing of the technology used in this project, read the full case study. Link

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