AI-Driven Transformation Elevates Customer Interactions for Equipment Provider

September 6, 2023

Imagine reducing daily customer calls from 450 to just 40, while focusing on complex issues. This transformation became a reality for our client, a leading equipment provider, leveraging the capabilities of AI to drive growth and enhance service quality.  

This case study highlights how an equipment provider leveraged AI to redefine customer interactions, streamlining operations and enhancing support efficiency.  

Client Overview 

Our client, a prominent equipment provider, grappled with the challenge of managing a high volume of daily calls related to specific issues, resulting in delays and inefficiencies. Their manual approach strained resources and customer satisfaction. 


The manual handling of customer inquiries, such as equipment returns and insurance changes, led to prolonged response times and operational inefficiencies. 

Solution 1: Streamlining Equipment Returns with AI: To streamline equipment returns, a pivotal aspect of their operations, our client implemented a Proof of Concept (POC) using IBM’s Watson Assistant. This AI-powered virtual assistant laid the foundation for an expanded chatbot solution. Iterative refinement ensured the chatbot covered the entire process, offering streamlined operations and swift customer service. 

Solution 2: Automating Insurance Changes with AI: For managing insurance changes, our client’s labor-intensive process of calls and texts was transformed. By utilizing IBM Watson Assistant, patients now interact directly with the virtual assistant for submitting insurance details. The AI-powered assistant sends automated reminders, minimizing manual labor and ensuring seamless communication during insurance transitions. 


A collaborative work session helped us understand the client’s manual processes. This hands-on approach identified opportunities for automation. By analyzing customer interactions, we’re designing a comprehensive virtual assistant, utilizing machine learning and natural language processing. This adaptable assistant will offer 24/7 support across devices and channels. 


The incorporation of AI-powered automation led to quicker responses, reduced wait times, and substantial operational cost savings. Human staff can now focus on strategic tasks, enhancing the overall customer experience. 

  • Enhanced Efficiency: 24-hour operations without added costs, thanks to virtual assistants and bots working tirelessly. 
  • Reduced Errors: Minimized the risk of human typing errors, saving time and resources otherwise spent on error correction. 
  • Scalable Growth: Avoided the need for a proportional increase in workforce for handling increased customer interactions. 
  • Operational Cost Savings: Streamlined processes, reduce manual efforts, and optimize resources, resulting in increased profitability and room for further growth. 

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