Application Modernization Results in Cost Savings for State Government

February 22, 2021


The Critical Records Office within a state department of health faced significant costs related to its lack of flexibility in maintaining and processing vital citizen records. The application the CRO used to register vital records had limited integration with the systems that stored the recrods. Once records were entered, CRO personnel could only perform basic search and retrieve functions. They needed much greater flexibility to edit and annotate records, especially when it came to printing documents.

The lack of print flexibility was costing substantial taxpayer dollars. The state required certificates be printed on sealed security paper and include officials’ printed signatures. Without the print ability to change signatures when officials changed, the CRO frequently had to purchase new security paper with pre-printed signatures, and destroy any old paper, all while adhering to strict guidelines for security paper tracking and auditing.


Prolifics solution provided the modern architecture necessary for the systems to interact more efficiently:

  • Data-centric services offerings
  • Printing services adding the needed features, with print actions added to a database for auditing and tracking
  • Enhanced search capabilities to locate documents
  • New capabilities to interact with external systems for further functionality, like outside scheduling


The CRO reported the following benefits:

  • Recognized cost savings expected to continue for multiple years due to ability to purchase security paper in bulk at lower rate
  • Improved customer service as a result of ability to have security paper readily available
  • Reduced costs and improved efficiencies related to ordering, shipping and inventorying security paper

Based on these results and the relationship that developed, the CRO subsequently engaged Prolifics to migrate an entire legacy system to a modern platform. A new disaster recovery (DR) strategy will mitigate the risks for this on-premise system. The project also includes an updated front-end, so the CRO can continuously update and improve the user experience for its citizens.

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