Data Governance Ensures CCPA Compliance and Customer Confidence for Transportation Company

September 27, 2023


Our client is a large-scale transportation company and long-term Prolifics customer, providing innovative supply chain solutions to a variety of customers throughout North America.  Click to explore earlier work with this client.  


Our client encountered a significant data privacy challenge, driven by the accumulation of extensive customer data. They needed to align their data practices with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which is vital for protecting consumer privacy and legal compliance. Adherence to CCPA is essential to establish customer trust and avoid legal consequences, including fines and damage to reputation.  

The central challenge was to meet the stringent requirements of CCPA while efficiently managing their extensive and complex dataset. CCPA imposed strict regulations on collecting, storing, and using customer data, necessitating our client to ensure full compliance. This included addressing requests from individuals to access their personal data, which is a fundamental aspect of CCPA compliance.  

This case study illustrates how the transportation firm, operating within a heavily regulated industry, proactively addressed data privacy compliance and leveraged Prolifics Data Governance Solutions for success. 


To address the challenge posed by CCPA compliance, our client partnered with Prolifics, a trusted provider of data governance and privacy solutions. Prolifics devised a comprehensive approach to guide our client through its data privacy compliance journey. We helped them develop a robust Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) process. This process allows individuals to request and obtain information about their personal data held by the company, ensuring transparency and compliance with data privacy regulations. Additionally, we took proactive steps to identify and protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and establish data governance policies and procedures, further enhancing their data management and privacy practices.  

  • Maturity Assessment: Prolifics initiated the project by conducting a maturity assessment to understand the current state of data governance and privacy practices. 
  • Data Mapping: A fundamental step involved identifying all customer data dispersed across various systems, platforms, and departments within the organization. To streamline this process, automated data classification tools were employed to tag sensitive information, particularly PII, enabling easier tracking and control. 
  • Cataloging/Inventory: An extensive catalog of the data assets was created, detailing the types of data collected and stored. 
  • Discovery: Prolifics conducted a thorough data discovery process to locate customer data in all its forms, whether structured or unstructured. 
  • Mapping: Data mapping was conducted to establish clear data lineage and understand how data flowed within the organization. 
  • DSAR Process Alignment: The Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) process was aligned with CCPA requirements to ensure that customer data could be accessed and managed in accordance with the law. 
  • Review: Continuous reviews were conducted to assess the progress and compliance status throughout the project. 


Through this comprehensive approach, our client not only achieved regulatory compliance but also realized tangible benefits, including improved data management, operational efficiency, and customer service. This transformation aligns their data privacy practices with CCPA regulations while positively impacting its business operations. 

  • Enhanced Data Governance: Robust data governance policies and procedures were established, providing clear guidelines on data collection, processing, and management for CCPA compliance. 
  • Efficient Data Management: A well-defined data governance operating model was implemented, clarifying roles and responsibilities within the organization for effective data management and compliance. 
  • Improved Accountability: A detailed data inventory was created, ensuring accountability in handling customer data throughout its lifecycle, contributing to better data stewardship. 
  • Streamlined DSAR Process: The DSAR process was efficiently set up, allowing customers to exercise their data access rights in compliance with CCPA, thereby enhancing customer service and compliance. 
  • Automated DSAR Responses: An efficient technical architecture was put in place to automate and streamline DSAR responses, reducing manual effort and response times, resulting in operational efficiency gains. 
  • Enhanced Data Visibility: Clear data lineage was established, providing better visibility into how customer data flows within the organization, enabling improved control and decision-making. 
  • Informed Workforce: Employees received training on data privacy best practices and CCPA compliance, ensuring that all stakeholders understood their roles in protecting customer data, which contributes to a culture of data security and compliance. 


The project leveraged various technology solutions to achieve these results, including: 

  • IBM InfoSphere: Used for data mapping, cataloging, and data lineage establishment. The IBM InfoSphere stack (IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog) is a suite of software products and tools used for managing and governing data and encompasses a wide range of data-related functionalities and capabilities, including data integration, data quality, data governance, and metadata management. 
  • OneTrust: Employed for automated data classification and DSAR process automation, ensuring compliance with CCPA. OneTrust is a software platform designed for managing compliance with data protection regulations, privacy laws, and other governance requirements.  

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