Data Quality Takes Flight: Empowering Efficiency and Customer Experiences in the Aviation Industry

August 22, 2023
Data Quality Takes Flight: Empowering Efficiency and Customer Experiences in the Aviation Industry

Accurate and reliable data is vital to airline companies, because it directly influences their ability to deliver efficient and reliable air travel services. From managing flight schedules and passenger information to baggage tracking and safety protocols, precise and high-quality data plays a crucial role in enabling airlines to provide exceptional service, maintain operational efficiency, and uphold industry standards.

Our Client

A global airline company (AC), renowned for its operations worldwide


Our client faced challenges due to the absence of a dedicated data quality framework. This impacted areas such as Passenger Name Record (PNR), Loyalty, and Contact Center. Their aim was to address data inaccuracies, omissions, and bottlenecks throughout their operational processes, extending beyond workflow optimization.

AC’s main objective is to implement comprehensive data governance practices, to address the need for regulatory compliance and operational efficiency improvements, where data quality is a crucial component of their strategy.


AC was evaluating two data quality tools – Anomalo and Monte Carlo, and sought Prolifics’ assistance in conducting parallel Proof of Concepts (POCs) . We conducted comprehensive use case testing for key business units including Passenger Name Record, Loyalty, and Contact Center, to determine the preferred vendor and submitted recommendations.

Our approach includes utilizing a scorecard, gathering feedback from three business units, and presenting the results to the client’s leadership team. This scorecard provides valuable insights for decision-making, enabling the leadership team to choose the preferred vendor. Following the POC’s conclusion, our team will continue to work with AC to finalize the scorecard, conduct evaluations, and provide advisory support. Once the vendor is selected, we will proceed with the implementation of the chosen tool.

Desired Result

Data quality tools are essential for AC as they play a pivotal role in ensuring accurate and reliable data, which is vital for delivering efficient and reliable air travel services. The importance of data quality stems from its direct influence on various critical aspects of an airline’s operations, including:

  • Smooth Operations: Accurate data ensures seamless and error-free execution of various operational processes, such as managing flight schedules, passenger information, and baggage tracking. Reliable data contributes to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of airline operations.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Data quality provides airline executives and decision-makers with reliable information, enabling them to make well-informed strategic decisions regarding fleet management, route optimization, pricing strategies, and resource allocation.
  • Enhanced Customer Experiences: High-quality data empowers airlines to personalize and improve customer experiences. With accurate customer information, airlines can tailor services, offers, and communications to meet individual preferences and needs.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Airlines operate in a highly regulated industry, and data quality is crucial for meeting regulatory requirements and reporting standards. Accurate data ensures compliance with safety, security, and customer data protection regulations.
  • Cost Efficiency: Implementing data quality tools can help identify and address data inaccuracies and redundancies. By streamlining data processes and improving data accuracy, airlines can reduce costs associated with operational inefficiencies and potential errors.
  • Performance Optimization: Reliable data enables airlines to monitor and optimize their performance metrics, such as on-time performance, load factors, and customer satisfaction levels. This allows airlines to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to enhance overall performance.
  • Competitive Advantage: Airlines with robust data quality management gain a competitive edge by delivering reliable services, reducing operational disruptions, and responding quickly to changing market demands.

By implementing data quality tools, AC can ensure the integrity of their data, optimize operational efficiency, provide exceptional customer experiences, comply with regulations, and ultimately stay competitive in the dynamic aviation industry.


Azure Databricks: Our client leverages Azure Databricks to host numerous data assets in the cloud, benefiting from its efficient data processing capabilities. As a cloud-based big data analytics and machine learning platform, Azure Databricks plays a vital role in their data management. Integrating a data quality tool within Databricks further enhances their data accuracy and reliability, leading to improved insights and more informed decision-making. With data profiling, validation, and cleansing processes, the overall performance and outcomes are significantly enhanced.

Anomalo: Anomalo is a data quality tool designed to identify and address data issues, ensuring accuracy, completeness, and reliability across various datasets. It helps organizations maintain high-quality data and make more informed decisions based on trustworthy insights.

Monte Carlo: Monte Carlo is a data observability platform that continuously monitors data quality in real-time. It detects anomalies, data issues, and changes in data behavior, allowing organizations to ensure data accuracy and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

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