Court System Runs Smoother with Business Automation

April 5, 2022

Our Client

A state government office needed to prevent delays in the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) to better fulfill the administrative responsibility of the courts.


A State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) needed to improve the efficiency of making payments to attorneys, interpreters, and expert witnesses in order to support the intent of the courts in upholding the constitutional rights of citizens to a fair and speedy trial. Their current systems had long time delays between screens causing delays in the payment of auditing claims.

One of AOC’s specific goals was to pay claims no later than 30 days from time of submission; however, auditors were working on claims 45 days old. As is a common challenge in the public sector, the existing software platform was no longer supported and could not be upgraded. They needed both a short-term solution to help clear the immediate backlog and a longer-term solution to set them up for future success.


Based on our prior work within the state, Prolifics was able to bring a broader approach and understanding to the program. We balanced the strategic needs of the state’s centralized executive branch with the long-term needs of updating the systems for AOC and identified the best way forward for the courts. 

Initially, AOC had three different applications that performed parts of the claims auditing and payment interface, but these applications were not integrated throughout the department. These systems siloed the information from the attorney, witness, and interpreter claims, making it difficult for judges to review and approve claims online. It was an inefficient, noncentralized system that contributed to the backlog and resulted in inaccurate and unpaid claims.  

Prolifics removed AOC’s dependency on physical paper and the old method of sending claims in via receipts and envelopes. (Many attorneys and expert witnesses were running from case to case and trying to manage the paperwork in their cars between court appointments.) By digitizing the process online and removing the barriers created by the prior systems, the people relying on AOC were able to streamline communications. Prolifics was able to set AOC up with an automated method of catching and addressing claims that otherwise would have slipped through the cracks. 


Prolifics’ business automation created the opportunity for AOC to intentionally allocate resources to better serve the attorneys, expert witnesses, interpreters, and the reviewing judges. Prolifics set AOC up for success by streamlining their processes and setting up a stronger infrastructure capable of handling upwards of 10,000 claims per month.  

The new system reduces the average claim processing time from 45 days to fewer than 10 days, and resolved claims in limbo. Importantly, it now provides transparency and tracking. Before, an attorney or other claimant wouldn’t know where their claim was in the process. But now, with the new reporting capabilities, you are able to pinpoint exactly where the claim is and its status.  

“We’ve named the solution created from this implementation the Prolifics ACAP solution – for ‘administrative claims and payments,’” said Salem Hadim, Head of Prolifics’ Smarter Process Practice. “Our state client has built their website pages around this solution, saying that the new system: ‘…will allow users to more accurately and efficiently input and track claims for payment. The new system will provide users with more feedback and transparency on their claims. The payment process will be streamlined on the backend, improving turnaround times…’ The pages provide registration, training, claims submission, tracking, reminders, videos and more.”  

In addition, by implementing intelligent automation and incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), Prolifics has set up AOC for continued efficiencies.  

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