Low-Code Solution Garners 50% Increase in Productivity for Transportation Company

November 21, 2022

Our Client

Our client is a large-scale transportation company and long-term Prolifics customer, providing innovative supply chain solutions to a variety of customers throughout North America. Utilizing an integrated, multimodal approach, the company applies technology-driven methods to create the best solution for each customer, adding efficiency, flexibility, and value to their operations.


Our client was struggling to enter metadata into their SQL server database, which often took many hours. They needed an inexpensive tool their employees could use to quickly and easily achieve the same task and allow their database to build around it.


We integrated a low-code platform (Microsoft Power Apps) that our client could use to enter their metadata into their SQL server. As Craig Breakspear, Consulting Director of Cloud Solutions at Prolifics, says, “It’s a low code platform, not a traditional development platform like Java, for instance. This is what we term ‘low code, no code,’ and it allows you to create an application in much less time than if you were to do so using a traditional development platform.”


By implementing Microsoft Power Apps, we gave our client the ability to enter their metadata quickly and easily. Craig says, “Originally, for whatever they were doing, they’d have to go into a SQL server. Let’s say it took them an hour to enter data. Our integration of Power Apps allows our client to enter that same data in significantly less time, sometimes within 15-20 minutes.” This meant that our client’s employees could enter data into their SQL server in just a few simple clicks, giving them a 50 percent increase in productivity.

“It was a solution that enabled our client to pay a lot less for their application development and get it done quicker, where time to market was consequently much faster. Our client is looking to do more low-code work with us in the near future. They’re looking to do more with what we already have and perhaps build on top of it and dive into some other areas where they need a similar application,” Craig says.


Microsoft Power Apps is a low-code platform that allows its users to construct and share low-code applications. Craig elaborates on low code in a previous blog from Prolifics.


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