Mainframe Migration for Department of Human Services

March 13, 2024
Mainframe Migration for Department of Human Services


A state agency – Department of Human Services (DHS) 


The Department of Human Services (DHS) is responsible for providing essential social services to the community. This includes managing welfare applications, overseeing child welfare cases, and handling various crucial reports integral to their operations. 

DHS faced a pressing challenge due to the state’s mandate to phase out mainframe services and applications by June 2024. They relied on Mobius InfoPac (also known as ViewDirect) system for document management, leading to high costs, limited flexibility, and heavy resource allocation.  

They sought to migrate to a more efficient and cost-effective cloud repository for storing critical reports. This migration was crucial for DHS to meet the state mandate, enhance operational efficiency, and better serve the community’s needs. Seeing the similar migration success at the state’s department of safety, DHS chose Prolifics as the trusted partner engaged to facilitate the migration strategy.  


We guided our client through a cost-effective transition to a modern document repository, leveraging automation in a streamlined three-step migration process: analysis, extraction, and migration. The migration involves the selective transfer of ReportIDs from the Mobius platform to Box, a cloud-based management solution, ensuring seamless continuity of document accessibility and performance.  

  • Analysis phase: Prolifics conducted thorough requirement gathering sessions with DHS business users to shape the migration approach and designed a strategic plan to address DHS’s needs and ensure data security. 
  • Extraction phase: Prolifics extracted ReportIDs from the outdated Mobius system and conducted meticulous data validations to maintain data integrity. 
  • Migration phase: Prolifics migrated documents to the new repository and executed rigorous testing procedures to validate system functionality and reliability, ensuring a seamless transfer.  



We successfully completed a comprehensive plan for the transfer of a large amount of data—361 reports totaling 31 GB—from the old mainframe system to Box. This not only meets the state’s mission but also positions DHS for greater operational efficiency and agility. The implementation of the new system will deliver several key benefits: 

  • Cost savings: Elimination of annual license costs associated with the old system resulted in a significant reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO), addressing the challenge of high costs. 
  • Improved efficiency: The modern user interface streamlined document search processes, leading to increased productivity and time savings, addressing the challenge of limited flexibility and heavy resource allocation. 
  • Enhanced risk management: The transition to a modern document repository reduced the risk of information loss and empowered better decision-making, addressing the challenge of limited flexibility and heavy resource allocation. 

We’re excited about expanding our collaboration with DHS and other state agencies, with additional migrations on the horizon.

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