Modernizing Legacy ECM System for Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Savings

June 23, 2023
Modernizing Legacy ECM System for Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Savings


Our client, a state’s Department of Safety and Homeland Security (DSHS), held a vital responsibility in documenting and processing crucial aspects to public safety such as criminal activity, traffic regulations, court appearances and the individuals responsible. To effectively carry out their role, they sought a reliable enterprise content management (ECM) system that could accurately capture and organize these records.

However, the outdated technology and expensive licensing costs of their existing system hindered their operations, with difficulties in customization, user experience, and document search capabilities.

The objective was to establish a centralized and user-friendly system, alleviating financial burdens and enhancing document management efficiency.


We guided our client through a cost-effective transition to a modern solution, leveraging automation in a streamlined five-step migration process: discovery, extraction, loading, testing, and document rollout.

We conducted a comprehensive Intelligent Automation Discovery Workshop, led by Salim Hadim, our VP of Digital Automation and Cloud Solutions, to identify and understand the document population, develop a strategic roadmap for extraction, loading, and testing while preserving contextual information.

We seamlessly extracted documents without disrupting system operations, loaded the documents into the new system, conducted extensive functionality tests, and prioritized user acceptance for a smooth transition to production with the client’s desired functionalities


Our client achieved a cohesive and risk-averse solution that alleviated financial burdens and enhanced operational efficiency by providing clear visibility into document storage. The implementation of our solution delivered several key benefits to our client:

  • Modern User-Interface (UI): Streamlined document search process with a user-friendly search application, enhancing the user experience and making it easier to find specific documents.
  • Improved Efficiency: Eliminated the need for copy-pasting, screen switching, and complex search mappings, leading to increased employee productivity and time savings.
  • Cost Savings: Eliminated annual license costs associated with the old system, resulting in a significant reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) and improved financial efficiency and resource allocation.
  • Enhanced Risk Management: Eliminated the need for specialized skills to understand document storage, resulting in reduced risk of information loss, empowering better decision-making and minimizing potential challenges.

More on Intelligent Process Innovation

Hadim states, “Intelligent process innovation is all about improving efficiency in how work is done, from start to finish. Whether it’s a five-step or ten-step process, process innovation involves finding new ways to do the work or optimizing existing methods to save time, reduce costs, and enhance the overall experience. Innovation encompasses multiple dimensions of how work is approached.”

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