New Identity and Access Management Drive Efficiency for Freight Company

June 19, 2023

A Tale of Progressive Transformation

Our client

This large freight company provides domestic freight and import/export services in six U.S. states. They became our client based on the successful solutions and services we provided to their sister company throughout a continuing long-term relationship.

This is the fourth installment in a series showing the progressive steps of taking this client from legacy, desktop computers to a modern cloud environment. The three previous success stories are:

1) A Simple First Solution Clears the Road for this Freight Company – We moved six, regionally siloed legacy databases to Azure Cloud, giving the client – for the first time – cloud back-up, central accessibility, and report running with a consistent view across the company.

2) Freight Company Makes Return Trip for Modernization – Prolifics performed a low-cost analysis over six weeks of daily meetings with the client, producing a fixed-price, cloud-based modernization plan. Our extensive report, documenting every single one of the business functions in the old application, showed the client we had a real understanding of their business and how to modernize it.

3) Freight Company Modernization Project Rolls On – While keeping their regional identities, we are consolidating the six locations into a single database in Azure using open-source code and related technologies. One focus here is on the user interface (UI) experience for employee productivity and satisfaction.


Coming out of our client’s legacy systems are six different regional databases. Every time any employee needed to access a database, they had to enter a username and password, and could only get into one system at a time. Throughout the day employees would constantly “log in, log out, log in, log out again” to go from region to region. This made for inefficiencies, wasted time and frustrated employees.


To address these access issues, we started with a user-creation section, where an admin would enter employee information and authorize employee access based upon the employee’s role and the location (referred to as an “instance”). This becomes their “default instance.” An employee may then be given access to other locations based on their role, i.e., roles can change based on location or they might not have access to a particular location. Now, upon signing in just once, the employee is then able to toggle among the locations and related roles that they are authorized for – called “switch instance.”

Admin user creation User’s / employee’s switch instance


The freight company is very happy with the solution – an employee will log in once and switch among the locations as authorized. Employees will save time and be more productive.

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