Strategic Roadmap Drives Efficiency for Mortgage Lender

February 19, 2020

Client Background

Founded in 2002, the client (hereafter referred to as the Company) is one of the fastest-growing mortgage lending and financial services firms in the country. This leading privately held mortgage lending firm provides loan services across one hundred retail branches in 40 states.

Business Challenge

The Company is driven by one core commitment: provide customers with unparalleled quality of service. The Company delivers on this commitment by relying on a series of processes that ensure rapid loan processing and management. However, as leadership prepared for anticipated business growth, it sought to build a new IT platform that would streamline these critical business processes and integrate with their existing retail applications.

The Solution

Prolifics engineered the solution that meets the following criteria:

  • scalability which ensures growth at all platform layers to meet future business transaction volumes;
  • visibility which provides real-time insight into loan statuses and troubleshooting needs;
  • efficiency which enables consistent, accurate management of as many as 50 times more loans.

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