Subscriptions Up, Operating Cost Down for Financial Services Company

November 17, 2022

A Data Management Modernization Story

Our client, a financial services company (FSC), provides identity; authentication; payment and deposit verification; and payment solutions to more than 2,500 subscribing companies. FSC’s products let people and businesses digitally send and receive payments easily.


FSC is modernizing the technologies that support its core processes, including architecture, infrastructure, applications and data practices. Because they process terabytes of information for an array of financial partners, solutions supporting data governance and lineage are crucial.

Prolifics has been working with FSC since May 2019. It began with more than 60 meetings with FSC’s operational teams, which resulted in the delivery of a successful proof of concept (POC) and a showcase of the proposed solutions and platforms.


The engagement with FSC is ongoing. In fact, FSC is looking for a “complete transformation of the services” it provides to banks by 2025. The following are some of the highlights and benchmarks as Prolifics and IBM help FSC with its transformation:

  • Prolifics is continuing to build out and develop FSC’s data pipeline – addressing things like legacy payment systems, personally identifiable information (PII), a data vault strategy, and more. Together, we’ll be implementing the latest containerization and microservices strategies, using Red Hat OpenShift with Cloud Pak for Data.
  • FSC has the Watson Knowledge Catalog as a data catalog and data capture tool. They’ve also built Watson Studio into Cloud Pak for Data for business intelligence (BI), advanced and predictive analytics and a reporting function.
  • In conjunction with the Prolifics Innovation Center, we developed a new piece of technology, a “connector” that can go into FSC’s IBM Sterling Integrator and capture metadata and lineage, pulling it into their data catalog for analysis and reporting.
  • We’ve installed, configured, and tested IBM InfoSphere Information Server tools in different development environments, as well as defined and developed architecture for future environments.
  • We developed live and recorded end-to-end demonstrations of IBM InfoSphere Information Server tools (using FSC sample data), including business glossary, data profiling investigation, data quality rules, data movement, and reporting. We also created “How To” documentation for the users, providing easy-to-follow guidance for FSC employees using IBM tools for corporate glossary, data quality, metadata management and data movement.
  • We installed Information Data Architect, imported Banking and Finance Industry Model, and conducted a 4-day training module on how data models are imported, integrated, and utilized.


Prolifics resources have worked, and will continue to work, side-by-side with FSC employees to ensure that they are trained and well-versed on the new procedures, responsibilities, standards and the latest IBM technologies. We will help them meet their goals for the “complete transformation of the services” they provide. With the new solutions, the company realized a 20 percent decrease in operating costs and saw a 10 percent increase in customer subscriptions.


  • Cloud Pak for Data
  • InfoSphere Information Server
  • Information Data Architect
  • Red Hat OpenShift
  • Sterling Integrator
  • Watson Knowledge Catalog
  • Watson Studio

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