Testing Accelerator Dramatically Improves Modernization Efforts

March 23, 2023
Testing Accelerator Dramatically Improves Modernization Efforts

Our client is a leader in workforce payment products and services (WPP). Their customers include businesses, commercial fleets, oil companies, petroleum marketers and governments.

Our Client


Our client was undertaking a major digital modernization program of more than a dozen large, enterprise critical projects. They expected to implement agile team functionality to develop this digital platform. However, although they had a clear idea of how to transform their development teams, they did not have the in-house expertise to transform their quality assurance / test automation (QATA) capabilities. Without the integration of development and testing, there would be delays in getting the projects into operation. These projects included important customer-facing services like the issuance of payment cards and handling inbound questions. The client needed to streamline and automate their release processes and selected Prolifics to help.


We became our client’s strategic QATA partner, determining the QA strategy and approach to be used across their entire agile program of projects. We took on all functional test specifications as part of our client’s agile teams, as well as implemented all automated tests based on these specifications, across the entire agile program. Prolifics then utilized Quality Fusion, an IP accelerator developed in our Innovation Center. Quality Fusion is the single, open-source test platform for all of client’s web, API and mobile (iOS and Android) test automation needs, integrating it with their workflow and DevOps tools.


Prolifics increased our client’s ability to focus on their requirements and development value areas by fully owning the QATA and release functions. In addition, we:

  • Increased test velocity from every 2 days to twice a day
  • Reduced test cycle from 7-8 days to less than 3 days
  • Increased user story delivery by 45 percent
  • Reduced license costs in test environments by automating provisioning on-demand in the cloud

Suresh Sakamuri is Prolifics Solution Director, QATA and product owner / architect of Quality Fusion. “Our Quality Fusion product helped our client automate more than 6,800 test automation scripts and execute within six hours.”

As a result of our client’s agile development and Prolifics’ Quality Fusion:

  • The time to issue a specific customer payment product was reduced from 5-6 days to less than 30 minutes
  • The amount of personnel needed to handle inbound queries was reduced by 50 percent, freeing them up for other critical work
  • Growth increased by 15-20 percent as a response to improved customer experience

Greg Hodgkinson is Prolifics’ Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Head of the Prolifics Innovation Center. “We call Quality Fusion a ‘TestOps’ platform. TestOps derives from DevOps and DevOps practices where you bring your development and your operations teams closer together. TestOps is taking that same idea to ensure that testing teams keep up the same rate of delivery that the developers are now achieving with DevOps. A TestOps platform will make the testing team more productive and smooth the integration of the work of the development team.”

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