We All Want the Best Interest Rate – Here’s How One Client Makes It Happen.

March 23, 2023

Our client is a leading provider of mortgage insurance (MI), risk management products, real estate and title services.

Our Client


To remain competitive, our client must respond to pricing trends and evaluate the eligibility of home borrowers as quickly as possible. That’s the only way they can keep up with the constant shifts in market, borrower and property conditions.

At the center of our client’s mortgage insurance business is their pricing engine. The pricing engine is responsible for calculating the rate in pricing they offer to their different mortgage lenders, and also determines the eligibility of home buyers. The engine has a set of more than 20,000 complex rules, both published and customized, including retained historical data.

Our client’s pricing engine was built using a legacy system that had undergone many complex changes over the years. Updating the pricing engine became a very cumbersome and time-consuming process. This caused our client to experience delays in delivering their most competitive rates to the market.

Additionally, the incumbent vendor that managed the pricing engine would frequently switch out the personnel servicing our client. This meant our client spent valuable time training new people on how to update the system.

Our client needed a reliable technology vendor who would modernize the pricing engine and manage it consistently.


Because the pricing engine was such a critical application, the client was concerned about how to replace the current vendor quickly and what would happen if the current vendor found out and just dropped the work.

Prolifics proposed and executed an assessment in less than a month. Because our experts understood our client’s business processes, systems and coding, we delivered a report that identified more than a dozen recommendations for improvement and began the implementation.

We started with a one-day “sprint” in which we took over the pricing engine from the now previous vendor. Our experts authored, updated and deployed the pricing rules through the entire software development life cycle, then deployed them in production to make them accessible for the business.


Neha Dhawale is a Client Success Director at Prolifics. “The services we are providing enable our client to update their rules for pricing and eligibility and make them available as quickly as possible so they can provide the most competitive pricing opportunities.”

The client has engaged us for the longer-term goals of streamlining the process so the client’s internal experts can directly update rules in production without the need for IT involvement. This will allow them to respond even faster to market trends. As part of this effort, we are working with the client to implement a testing approach they can maintain going forward and are providing necessary training to their staff.

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