Workshop Delivers Winning Data Strategy for Gaming Company

May 24, 2022

This large, national gaming corporation (NGC) based in the Southwest comprises more than 25 properties in multiple states. Prolifics is working with NGC to modernize its systems, many of which are older legacies that don’t communicate well. We’re also providing managed services to ensure NGC does not experience technology gaps as it continues to grow.

Our client


NGC struggled over time to have the necessary data in place to make intelligent decisions from a customer reinvestment perspective. As an example, knowing what an NGC customer likes to eat, and providing a gift certificate for that meal, will help keep that customer gaming on NGC property. That points directly to a successful business outcome.

One of the reasons for the struggle has been NGC’s legacy, on-prem data warehouse appliance, which will no longer be supported by the vendor. In response, NGC decided to move to a cloud computing-based data warehousing environment, but needed guidance. Prolifics introduced the client to our data strategy workshop that includes a large, in-depth assessment of cloud migration for data, SaaS offerings, infrastructures and platforms.


Prolifics’ data SME Greg Kordelski works with NGC and picks up the rest of this customer’s story:

“We decided that it made more sense to do workshop sessions on a grand scheme of what a true data and cloud journey should look like and how it should be represented.

Over a period of five weeks, we engaged over 130 NGC folks in 17 working sessions. We used Mural, the online collaboration platform, to run the sessions. I believe we had over 2,000 Mural cards filled out during those 17 sessions. Mural cards are basically digital sticky notes on which participants wrote down what their concerns were; where they thought they have data, knowledge, or technology gaps – or just any gap in general; and where they would like to see their specific department or division go on this data and cloud journey.

We broke the cards out into different technologies and verticals based on what NGC does. We took about two weeks to aggregate all the information. We created two readouts – one for the senior level sponsors and one for technology level. Both talk about where this data journey will take them.”


Greg continues:

“NGC leadership told us they have confidence in what they’re going to need to do for this data and cloud journey. What they really need to do, how they need to fund it, how they need to staff it, and how they need to run with it.

The workshop sessions were so successful that NGC people on several occasions said, ‘We loved it. We had a great time doing it. We absolutely enjoyed it this way. We’ve never done anything like it before, and we really like what Prolifics brought to the table.”

Our workshop approach provided NGC the guidance they needed, and delivered a plan for future implementation to help ensure that decision-making data is timely, correct and available.

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